#6 was a prolific week for mygirlfund girls

It’s week 6 of the sexiest photo contest on the web, and we have the results from what was a prolific week of non-stop sexy creativity. So far, 2016 just seems to be going that way though- this contest has been rolling along for awhile now, but this year has been the best year so far. Now is a great time to follow us on our social networks, and get set up to pull for your favorite girls on the daily. Try Twitter to start with. We hold the contest on Tumblr, so it makes sense to follow our photo contest blog there as well. From there, you get the sexy updates just like we do. Hot and fresh out of the pan.

We will get right to the lineup this week, starting with our honorable mentions. These are shots that didn’t win money, but were nonetheless stellar submissions. We could have included a dozen or more of these this week, but this post is about the winners announcement so we included our two favorite mentions for you to look at.  You can always check out our “best of” page where you can see our favorite shots all in one place.   The list is far from complete, so if you have a shot that you know should be up there, make sure to message us on tumblr with the url. We will get it added for you, especially if your shot won, or was featured as an honorable mention in one of our posts.

Check these two honorable mentions below.

SexySarah90 brings a little bit of Mardi Gras to the bedroom


SexySarah90 brings the intrigue with this mardi-gras costume. This shot takes honorable mention


Black velvet looks great in this vintage shot

Black velvet soaking up the rays- nice sun flare on this shot, honorable mention ❤


Thecatcadaver takes runner up for this, and starts off the part where we hand out money. (Everyone loves this part.) The red is just a tad oversaturated, that’s why it didn’t take first- but we love the timely themed submission, and we think that for as clear and sharp as it is, it deserves some cash. Don’t you agree? Congrats Cat Cadaver. Happy Vday.

Gorgeous execution from TheCatCadaver

Check out Maceyjade, she scores runner up for this bootylicious shot below. This girl has so much raw sex appeal that sometimes, it’s just too much to handle. You should really stop by her MGF profile and see what she has going on. Send her a message, we promise it’s worth your time. ❤ Congrats Macey.

macey jade is a stunner

DevinSaintxxx is brand new, she handily walks away with a first place crown for this perfectly composed shot below of her showing the xbox 360 some love. Any guesses on what she is playing?  Her shots so far on our tumblr have all been off the chain. We definitely have our eye on her trajectory. Congrats Devin, keep up the great work. ❤

Who is this new cutie who forgot to include her mgf name in her submission?

Heraxo has been on fire lately. She scores first place for these two shots below. There are more from her on our tumblr though that did just as well. She really has her own style that translates beautifully in post editing. Check out Heraxo’s stream of submissions on tumblr, and you’ll see what we mean right away.

Heraxo knows how to rock a pair of blue jeans

Heraxo inviting you to bed

That wraps it! Keep your eyes open for week #7 coming soon.

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