An adventurous Week #4

1/22-1/29 marks week 4 of the hottest photo contest on the web. One month in, and we’re all snowed in!  Good thing that our contestants have that adventurous spirit, and weren’t afraid to bring their cameras out into the cold and snow. As for us? We stayed inside and made this video for you guys to look at. It showcases some of the hottest non-nude shots of last year. We wanted to be able to put it on our youtube, so we decided to go with clothed, or mostly clothed shots. Somehow, we think it ended up hotter that way. Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments. ❤

Let’s start off with two honorable mentions for week 4. These are shots that didn’t win any cash, but were so.very.close. Definitely they were too hot to leave out of this newsletter. Check them out below.

We bet this set from new girl rubyoh444 is amazing

The brand new Rubyoh444 sent us this graphic fashion-forward shot. it takes honorable mention ❤



long time no see LillyMariexxx

Lillymariexxx has got that light glancing off her ass perfectly. Gorgeous shot, honorable mention. ❤

Heraxo wins some money, and takes runner up for this shot of her wearing nothing underneath her coat in the snow. The look of frozen apprehension on her face is priceless. We wonder if there are any more in this set. Congrats Hera!

Heraxo took full advantage of #blizzard2016 for this great shot

Jasmineflicks  sends good pics, and this one is no exception. We don’t know if she is coming inside, or going outside- but dammit doesn’t she look sexy doing it? Click her shot to tell her congratulations for taking runner up.

Jasmineflicks isn’t letting the blizzard slow her down a bit


Emrose sent us our favorite winter shot of the week, with her boldy naked in the cold, and starkly contrasted against the winter sky.  This shot is all about contrast, and she capitalized on it beautifully with great leading lines, and a dark flannel underneath her to contrast her skin… and then a white frame to go with that snow. This shot was well thought out. Nice job Em, keep em coming- and enjoy the spending cash.

Emrose! Best debut shot of the week so far. Show her some love for her photo contest submission. :)

MissKatlin knows how to stay toasty when the wind is howling and the snow is driving. She hangs out in bed taking warm and cozy selfies for all of us. 🙂 Our resident redhead couldn’t be sexier in them either. She’s got some of the best candid smiles around. No faking with this girl at all. Click one of her shots to tell her she took first place. Congrats Kaitlin.

MissKaitlin and her photobombing feline

misskaitlin is missing an essential party of this titty sandwich

It’s only a month into the contest for 2016 and through rain, sleet, or snow. these girls are bringing the heat. It’s going to be an epic year.

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