A warm and fuzzy week #3

Week 3 melted away quickly, as #Blizzard2016 was pounding away at many of our girls on the east coast.  We thought for sure that we were going to receive more blizzard shots, but as fate would have it, it was just too damn cold to go outside. 😉 We still received plenty of our warm and fuzzy indoor shots, as well as one standalone rebel who rode the fence in the winter air.

It’s all just another week in the sexiest photo contest on the web.

You should take a few seconds to follow us on twitter, tumblr, or facebook. Get the daily contest updates from our hotties on any one of your favorite social networks, or you can stop on over at redditt and see what else our girls are posting. 😉  It doesn’t matter where you look, chances are super high that you will find a few mygirlfund girls in the mix keeping the place hot.

We’ll get to our honorable mentions (2 this week) and kick the winners announcement off promptly.  Our honorable mentions this week are both in bed. Our #girls in bed tag on Tumblr has hundreds of results. Definitely worth your time to go check out.  There is just something about bringing a camera to bed with you that is so candid and sexy.

Peachymeow is the sexiest platinum haired french maid ever

Peachymeow scores honorable mention for her french maid outfit. Adorable ❤




Jadexo69 looking seriously seductive

Our fans loved Jadexo69 this week. Her sexy shot takes honorable mention ❤

Missycakez all dolled up in thick black frames takes runner up for week #3. So much cleavage! Goodness. She wins some cash for this uncropped selfie portrait.  You can click her shot and be the first to let her know she won. 🙂

Missycakez sent us this cleavage selfie

We almost didn’t notice Candance up there in front of all that booty. This shot is full of win- so much so that it took runner up in our photo contest this week.  We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Candance beefing up on her Star Wars game

sexySarah90 outside in the clear winter air wearing little else but a pair of Uggs takes a first place win for week 3. This shot is sweeping despite being an 8×10 crop. No overblown highlights either, despite being in the direct sun like that.  Great camera control here.  Click her shot and tell her congratulations. 🙂

SexySarah90 under a vast blue sky

MissKaitlin- our resident redhead scores a first place crown for being so damn cute and sexy. This is easily the sharpest shot of the week, and yet it’s as candid as can be. The mark of someone who has mastered her craft. Congrats MissKaitlin, easy win!

MissKaitlin goes in for the double nipple pinch ;)

Stay tuned for week 4. Until then, remember to reblog and comment on your favorite girls all week long. After all- they do this for you, dear reader.


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