An overload of awesome. Mygirlfund’s week #2

Decisions, decisions! Week two’s contestants for the hottest photo contest on the web sure didn’t make our job easy this week. They flooded our queue with shot after shot, until we were positively overloaded with creative and gorgeous media to sort and choose from.  All in all? Couldn’t have been a better week, or a sexier start to another year of awesomeness from the girls of mygirlfund.

We have three honorable mentions to show you this week. We’ll start with those like we usually do. These are shots that while they didn’t win any money- they were definitely in the running- and we are loathe to not include them for you to admire and appreciate like we did.  Check them out below.

GiovanaArabella shedding some light on the situation

Back lit in knee-socks? Yes please! GiovannaArabella takes honorable mention for this sleek shot.





Lanaxoxo’s vibrant eyes

lanaxoxo is brand new around here- this shot takes honorable mention. Click her shot and show her some love 🙂


PinkMaggit sent us this underboob in a baseball T shot. Hot!

Underboob in a baseball-T anyone? PinkMaggit rocks it like a boss. Honorable mention ❤


PrincessBambiiee takes runner up for this shot that could pass for jailbait in any state.  She takes runner up for so much attitude that it’s popping off the page. Well done!

PrincessBambiiee is our latest brand new girl- show her some love :)

VonKittn takes a runner up crown for the two shots below. She is relatively new around here, but so far her shots say that she has plenty more up her sleeve for us. Click her shot and tell her congratulations over on mygirlfund.

the 1x1 crop really works well for this shot from VonKittn

VonKittn is brand new around here, show her some reblog love :)

LittleStoner strolls in, -brand new- and quietly picks up a first place crown for her shot. This is her debut shot, and still her only shot so far to be entered in the contest. We think it’s an easy win, don’t you?  Check out those highlights~! We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Little Stoner is brand new around here, show her some love :)

Natkittenxoxo picks up an easy first place crown for these two shower shots below. It was clever using the shower curtain to diffuse the light like she did. This sort of “light modeling” isn’t accidental.  In fact, both of our first place winners this week took the crown home for good intentional use of light and shadow. Take note ladies!  Natkittens shots on our Tumblr are pretty much all incredible. You should check them out yourself before you leave.

natkittenxoxo cleverly using the shower curtain to diffuse the light

natkittenxoxo strikes a perfect pose in the shower

That wraps it. Stay tuned for our end-of-year slideshow post next. It’s worth a watch!

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