Mygirlfund’s week #1. A roaring start to the new year.

Welcome to the first week in 2016 of the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr. The year got off to a roaring start, and our queue is already bubbling with new girls who are ready to throw down in the hottest photo contest on the web. As for the girls in 2015? They aren’t ready to call it quits just yet. Already last years favorites are making their mark over here on our tumblog.

Want to know how you can compete? It’s actually pretty easy. If you aren’t already an mgf girl, sign up here. Then submit your shots via email with your MGF name in the subject line. You will have to check the contest page on Mygirlfund for the email to submit to- Don’t send us submissions on Tumblr. Make sure you email them with your photo attached, and not embedded in the email.

Then your shot will land in our queue, and you will see it posted a day or two after that. Send up to three submissions a week, and focus on quality over quantity. With over 200 winners a year, you are bound to win some cash, if you are trying.  The exposure is great as well, (our fans are the best) and the community cheers you on in all our social networking channels. It’s win win for everybody!

Check out the Rules page for complete rules for the contest. It’s worth reading once, and maximizing your chances of winning every week.

We start off with our honorable mentions like we always do. This week there are two, (both new girls) and although they didn’t win any cash- they were hot enough that we couldn’t bear leaving them out of this newsletter. Check them out below.



lilLotus is our latest brand-new girl, show her some love :)

Lil Lotus knows an epic new year starts with an epic weekend. This shot takes honorable mention. ❤




girl1111 is brand new around here, show her some love :)

Girl1111 is Brand new around here- this candid takes honorable mention ❤

Heraxo takes runner up and wins some cash for this shot below of her lounging in the light streaming through her sheer canopy bed. Gorgeous!

Heraxo’s sunkissed in bed

Avye kissed a girl and obviously liked it. Who knew it would end up paying her some cash as well? This shot is full of win- she takes runner up for the Happy New Years kiss.

Avye kissed a girl and were pretty sure she liked it

IndianaVox lays down the gauntlet and snatches a first place crown like a mean, sexy bully. 😀 Think you have what it takes to knock her out of the winners circle? Bring your best shot- she’s ready!

IndianaVox is here to pump you up

SexyWife8787 sent us this tactile shot below and we loved it at first sight.  She is brand new to our contest- click her shot to go to her mygirlfund profile and send her a message letting her know she caked all over first place this week. 🙂 Congrats!

SexyWife8787 sent us this delicious pic- so tactile!

It’s a wrap. The first week is officially done, and the new year is underway. Stay tuned for week #2’s winners, and a sexy lil slideshow of some of the winners of 2015.

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