So long to 2015. Mygirlfund’s week #50

Woah. Where does the time go? We’ve been doing this so long now that this contest is practically an institution.  Say so long to 2015. Bring on the new year, and many more after that. We’ll still be here, rocking the freshest faces on the internet, and paying cash prizes for the best shots of the week.

Week 50 of the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr saw Christmas come and go, and brings us to the end of 2015. It’s all wrapped up! It’s been a helluva year, with so many new faces that it was hard to keep up. We’re busy organizing the effort for 2016, and we promise it will be a year to remember.

In the meantime, check out our #sexy holidays tag on our Tumblog to check out the Holiday spirit our girls brought to the table for 2015. Keep your Christmas ham, and awkward family time.  We had lilHolly, IndianaVox, Kaonashi, + dozens of other fresh and cheerful faces to keep us feeling warm and fuzzy inside the entire week of Christmas. 😀

Speaking of fresh faces, LilHolly has one of the freshest faces on the block. She starts our lineup of three honorable mentions for her naughty holiday shot below.

lilholly’s sexy holidays

Bring on the presents. LilHolly takes honorable mention with this hot Christmas shot of sex & cheer.

IndianaVox in candy colored stripes

Indiana Vox does Christmas subtle and sexy like in a red and white candy striped lingerie set. Honorable mention!

CurvyDeviant sent us this hot candid

We couldn’t leave this hot candid of Curvy Deviant out of this post. Honorable mention!

Kaonashi kicks of the first of four cash prizes we’re handing out for week 50. Her shot with bows, lights, and snowflake leg warmers was super-cute. Runner up. Click her shot to tell her congratulations yourself.

Kaonashi has that Christmas spirit

KittyKildare has a great sense of style- and has that certain flare about what she creates. This week it pays off for her. She takes runner up for her offbeat, but effective use of patterns and color. Cute!

KittyKildare striking a sexy pose

lilPumpkinGal sent us this Italian looking black and white shot of her being so-damn-glam in bed. Everything about this shot is just right on the money. Even the soft focus works perfectly.  The first place spot was hers as soon as this hit the queue. Congrats!

LILPUMPKINGAL sent us this gorgeous black and white

Virgini Lord- This girl is molten hot. Seriously, that confidence though!  Another super easy first place crown decision.  Have you seen her stream of shots on Tumblr? For being new, her shots are all impressive. She’s got skills- you should go see for yourself.  Congrats Virginia, this shot is fantastic.

Virgina Lord is brand new around here, her debut shot is a stunner!


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