Week #49 takes us closer to the current new year

Welcome to week 49 of the hottest photo contest on the entire internet.  We are getting through 2015 quickly with only two more posts to go before our end of the year post where we will drop a slide show with the hottest photos of the year all in one place. It will be a don’t -miss post so make sure you have your eyes open for it.

In the meantime, you can follow us on twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of. We’re out there keeping the fun moving right along if you know where to look.  Want this newsletter stuffed in your inbox every week? Click subscribe!

So for week 49 we will start with two honorable mentions in addition to our 4 cash prize winners.  Both brand new girls who show promise in our photo contest. Check them out below.


Chloexonicole is brand new around here, show her some love :)

Brand new girl Chloexonicole takes honorable mention for this pretty head shot. ❤



BabbyGirll looking gorgeous under a string of Christmas lights

BabbyGirll strikes a coy pose for her debut shot. Honorable mention! ❤

PrincessConnie is another brand new girl who makes it into the winners circle for week 49. Check her out below striking a haughty pose. Runner up!

PrincessConnie contemplates letting you spend your last dollar on her

Finsuul takes our other runner up crown for this crystal clear side-by-side shot of her chillin in the bathtub. Click her shot to tell her congratulations.

Finsuul making a splash in the tub

LindzeyHunt strolls into the first place spot for this beautifully achieved light-through-the-blinds shot. This is often done wrong, but not in this case. The exposure, focus, crop, and effect are all on point here. Nicely done Lindzey, first place. 🙂

LindzeyHunt in light streaming through the blinds

EmmaMadisonxoxo showed up in week 49 and started dropping bombs in the queue. We’re loving her style. She takes first place for her debut shot below. Congrats Emma, keep them coming. 🙂

emmamadisonXOXO’s legs are a mile long

So that’s it. Short and sweet this week, but it was a short week all in all. Stay tuned for next weeks winners, and the end of year wrap up coming soon.

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