Sharing is caring. Mygirlfund’s week #48 tumblr contest

It’s week 48 of the mygirlfund photo contest on tumblr, and as we wrap it up for 2016- the submissions keep pouring in.  You can follow us on twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. to get the latest updates from your favorite girls in this contest on the daily. Sharing is caring. 😉

Let’s start the week off with our honorable mention like we usually do.  This week we have two to show you. They may not have won any cash, but they certainly did make an impression.  Then again, ohClementine and Giovana Arabella never fail to impress. Check them out below.

OhClementine against all white

OhClementine takes honorable mention for this hot shot



GiovanaArabella looking like a million bucks

GiovanaArabella takes honorable mention for this cute shot above


That brings us to the shots that won prize money for week 48.  We begin with Anditat who sent us this seductively posed shot of her against an old brass bedframe. Nicely achieved Andi, congrats. 🙂AndiTat299 shows us budoire done right

Lylaa is brand new to our contest, and she walks away with runner-up for this seriously sharp shot of her gorgeous face. Doing headshots from a laying down position isn’t easy. Lylaa makes it look like a breeze though doesn’t she? Well done Lylaa, congratulations. You can click her shot and send her a message letting her know she won!

Lylaa is brand new around here, show her some love :)


Kathrynbones capitalized on our penchant for dramatic lighting in 2015 and sent us a late-minute submission seen below. That light fall-off though! Mhmm. If she cheated and used a vignette in post production we can’t tell. That’s the entire point, isn’t it? This shot scores first place for it’s great use of color and light. Two of our favorite things in the world. You can click her shot below and tell her congratulations on the first place win.


AmberNevada1 has another win up her sleeve for 2015 yet! When we were choosing the winning shots this week we noticed that Amber’s stream of submission on our Tumblog is like an entire modeling portfolio worth of really, really good shots. She was the girl to beat in 2015.  You should check it out for yourself. Skills. They pay the bills again this week- congrats Amber.

AmberNevada1 sent us this contemplative shot

That wraps it. This year we will do something different at years end, and put together a post about the best shots of the year. Stay tuned and watch for a special edition of ILMGF in your inbox soon!

See you next week.

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