Week #46’s winners were all new girls

It occurred to us this morning that if you are an MGF guy, looking to find the girls on mygirlfund who make the best content, this blog would be a great place to start. The submissions that we receive on a daily are amazingly fresh and creative. No dead eyes, and tired poses here.

The candids are cuter, the selfies are hotter, and for the girls who break out the big gun dslr’s, the overall production is outstanding. And then there are weeks like this, where the entire winners circle (almost) is comprised of brand new girls. It’s so fun when that happens. 😀

The collective hours of effort that goes into these photos every week has to be well into the hundreds of hours. The resulting curation is impeccable. The Girls of Mygirlfund Photo Contest is truly a spectacle. Get in on the action, and retweet your favorite girls every day to show your love and support. The community is amazing, & the girls are grateful for the love and support. It keeps them motivated to keep the shots coming.

We kick it off for week 46 (11/23-11/30) with our honorable mentions like we usually do. For week 46 we have two to share, before we tell you who won prize money. Considering that it was Thanksgiving week, the shots were unusually hot this week. Where do these girls find the time?


DaisyCake couldn’t be cuter

Loving DaisyCake’s fresh look. Her debut shot takes honorable mention ❤




JennaLynn20 framed in field flowers

What a morbidly curious shot from JennaLynn20. Well played! This shot gets honorable mention. ❤


Dahliajane wins some money for her two shots below. She takes runner up for the two shots stacked up on top of each other, seen below. She scores our candid win of the week as well for the smoking hot bedroom shot.  Oh, did we mention she is also brand new to our contest?  We love it when new girls win.  Keep em coming Dahlia, congratulations. 🙂

All DahliaJane is missing here is a scarlett begonia for her hair

DahliaJane is gorgeously candid

Speaking of new girls, Deadheadkat’s debut shot takes our other runner up position. This shot stood out in the mix all week.  Congrats Kat. You can click her shot below to tell her congratulations yourself.

Deadheadkat is brand new around here, show her some love :)

Emmamadisonxoxo is considered and gorgeously lit in this shot below. She takes first place for getting all the details just right. Nicely done Emma. 🙂 Oh, yeah did we mention? Another new girl. Yep. Click her shot and tell her she won first place.

emmamadisonXOXO is picture perfect

Finsuul does it again in her signature lighting arrangement. She takes home a first place win for this creatively executed over-and-under diptych. Congrats Finsuul, easy money. 🙂 Finsuul’s lovely over and under diptych

That wraps it up for week 46. Stay tuned to see who won the first week in December.


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