Welcome to week #42’s beautiful deluge

Welcome to week 42 of the hottest photo contest on the web. We will get right to the post this time in the name of staying caught up with the deluge of divas who are submitting to our queue. The competition was stiff this week, and the girls who came out on top definitely earned their spots in the winners circle.

If you are like me as I write this, you have a nice cup of coffee with all your favorite trimmings going as you read this. The summer has gone, and we have loads of indoor shots to look forward to this winter, with girls dressed up like Christmas trees, and sexy little elves almost a 100% guarantee. You won’t want to miss a single week of the rest of 2015, as it just keeps getting hotter.

If you think you are going to be on the naughty list, now is the time to start fixing that. Click any one of these shots below and tell her that you have been a bad boy, and need to get back on the nice list. Any one of our winners this week will be able to tell you exactly how to do that. 😉

It doesn’t hurt to reblog/retweet/favorite/mention/email your favorite shots from your favorite girls either. Showing your love and appreciation definitely gets these girls attention, unlike your girlfriend, who just basically ignores you.  OK, maybe we’re kidding about your girlfriend. Maybe she likes to show her love and appreciation too… if that’s the case, you should tell her to sign up for an MGF account, and you can help her take pictures like the ones below, and maybe win her some prize money for being so amazing!

We start off with our honorable mention for week 42. Sweetstephi didn’t win any money for this cute selfie of her demonstrating the captivating power of cleavage. Bet you never noticed the Starry Night print behind her did you? She may not have won money, but the shot was too hot to leave out of this newsletter. We can’t wait to see what else she has for us.




SweetStephi is just falling out of her shirt- this shot takes honorable mention ❤



daddyslilprince kicks off the prize winning shots this week and scores runner up for this cute filtered selfie of her million dollar smile. She may not have won a million bucks, but she did score some extra spending cash. Sweet deal, right?

daddyslilprince snapping in-bed selfies

Skullkid has been switching up her style lately for some really great results. Check out these two shots below. They scored runner up for their ultra-sexed amazingness. Skullkid goes all out when she makes her media and it really shows. She is one of our most prolific contestants. Congrats Skullkid, nice shots.  🙂

skullkid is just hot as hell.


titisis scores a first place crown for these two gorgeous shots below. Not bad for a brand spanking new contestant, huh? Make sure you click her shot and tell her congratulations yourself. ❤

Titisis’ debut shot is gorgeous


peachymeow took a first place crown for week 42 for these two shots below. We especially liked the over-the-shoulder diptych. Nicely done! She is another new girl who is showing great potential already. Click her shot and send her a message saying congratulations! ❤

PeachyMeow sent us this hot shot

That wraps it! Stay tuned for week 43 of the hottest photo contest on the web.


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