Mygirlfund’s week #41 flew by

10/16-10/22 flew past quickly, marking off week 41 with a dizzying array of damsels- some dressed, and some not. The awesome thing about this contest, isn’t just getting to see so many beautiful bodies. It’s really the personalities behind the shots. These are all real, everyday girls that you can actually talk to. All these naked girls, and not even one porn star in the mix.  It’s as real as a picture can get, and you can talk to any one of these exceptional human beings, by simply clicking their shot below.

(Or for that matter, clicking the shots you see anywhere you get the contest updates: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or here on ILMGF.)

We kick it off like we normally do with the honorable mentions for week 41. These are shots that didn’t win any prize money, but still caught our attention, and were compelling enough to put into this newsletter for you look at.  We like to include one honorable mention, but usually there are so many great shots that we have to include two. This week we have three honorable mentions that we couldn’t bear to get rid of. Check them out below.


Avye sent us this hot mirror shot. Honorable mention! ❤




MeiLou sent us this seriously adorable time warp shot. It’s like if Marylin Monroe, and Betty Page had a baby, and that baby grew up and took pictures in her one-piece swimsuit doing the upside down splits…. Honorable mention! ❤



Lilly`s shots always have this amazing sort of rawness to them. She has a style that just jumps up and slaps you in the feels. Honorable mention! ❤


Natkittenxoxo showed up to the party, took a look around and decided she was going to win some money. And she did! She scores runner up for these two shots below. We especially liked the black and white. Here at ILMGF we have seen it all, but the dynamic range and lighting scheme in this shot below is quirky and creative. Although it was likely natural lighting and happily accidental, she had the good sense to see this shot for the gem it was, and send it on in for us to wax poetically over.  Easy money Nat, congrats.

natkittenxoxo strikes a perfect pose

say hello to natkittenxoxo- she is brand new to our contest :)

When it comes to cute, Lexilove55 has it wrapped. Don’t even try to compare. She is so cute that if you stare at her picture and say her name three times, she might just show up at your door with Starbucks and a puppy.  Congrats Lexi, your next latte is on us! Great shot.

Lexilove55 is our latest new girl, show her some love :)

If the word “lithe” needed a visual definition, Rebeccaroses would serve perfectly. She is another new girl in our contest, and her shots have all had this same graceful flow to them. We are seriously digging the filmic shot directly below with the richly muted shadows, but the one below that is really all that and then some.  Two completely different lighting schemes, two beautifully different vibes. It’s amazing what a little light splashed around a room can communicate about ambiance and emotion.

First place!

rebeccaroses in perfect form

rebeccaroses has legs that just keep going forever.

Indianavox takes our candid win of the week, and selfie-struts her way into first place wearing a St. Pauly Girl costume. Suspenders and cleavage? Yeah, that’s a win. Congrats Indiana, another 1st place win to add to your repertoire.


Woah. Already done? Stay tuned for next weeks winners.

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