The girls brought their A-games in week #40

10/8-10/15 checked off week #40 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr.  There were quite a few impressive submissions this time around, and MGF girls are bringing their A games for the fall season.  We can tell that this contest is going to be a don’t-miss sort of thing for the rest of the year. There were a lot of shots this week that didn’t get included in our newsletter this week, but we could have easily had a dozen honorable mentions, in addition to the four girls who actually won. In situations like that, it’s best to just encourage you dear reader, to get the hell on over to our Tumblog and find out what the fuss is all about.  Or you could just follow us on twitter and get the daily queue in your dashboard as it posts so you don’t sleep on another epic week like this one.

Make sure you leave a comment telling us how you think we did in week 40. We will be watching for them. In the meantime, lets start off with a couple of honorable mentions-

Brand-new-girl- Jazzminlovesyou with the cutest dog ever. This shot scores honorable mention. ❤


Brand new girl CottoncandyBabe sent us this hot flashed shot. Honorable mention!


DirtyFaerie walks away with our candid win of the week, and scores runner up for this selfie she sent us below. She just has a way of setting up the perfect angle and finding the perfect light, and then just snapping away at the selfies. It’s a great combination of careful setup and openly candid that has worked well for her in this contest. This week is no exception, she rose to the top of the pack and kicks off our cash prize awards with a runner up spot. Click her shot to tell her congratulations yourself. 🙂


Roxanna couldn’t have found more perfect lighting, or chosen a better angle for this shot with her derriere high up in the air.   There is only so much hotness a person can take before they just burn right up. Click her shot to send her a message telling her that she is right on that line.  She won runner up for week  #40.  Congrats Roxanna, you just turned on the entire internet.

Roxanna ass up in beautiful light

ssAmber brings on the Halloween season for our photo contest, and doesn’t fail to impress as SuperGirl. She scores a handy first place. We like the re-work on the outfit as well. We think she was right to leave the skirt out of the shot. 😉  Her shots are always sharp and clear, and this week was no exception. She only sends in the best. Nicely done ssAmber, keep up the good work.

SuperGirl ssAmber

Missbetty is a relatively new contestant who isn’t afraid to dial up the dynamic range in her shots. So far her stream on Tumblr has been immaculate. Gorgeously considered, and a nice mix of candid and posed. We really liked the intentional sun flare, and those impossibly blue eyes paired against her bright red hair.  Click her shot to send her a message telling her congratulations for taking home the first place crown.

missbetty is brand new around here, isn’t her debut shot amazing?

That wraps it guys and gals. Stay tuned for week 41! ❤

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