Mygirlfund’s week #38 was absolutely stellar

Welcome to week 38 of the hottest photo contest on the entire web. If you are getting this in your inbox, then you already know the business. If you are landing here from somewhere on the web, then you may not know how awesome this contest really is.  So first thing to do, is go follow us on Tumblr where we actually host the contest. You could look at that page for days and not get tired of what you are seeing. The photography finds there are absolutely stellar, and the best part is, you can talk to all the girls who submit! Yeah, that’s right. All you have to do is click the shot of your favorite girl, anywhere you see her on our networks, and boom. You will be taken to her MGF profile where you can send her free messages, or just chat her up if you prefer.

There really is something to being able to talk to the girl of your dreams. Try it for yourself, we think you’ll be flabbergasted.

Next, is follow us on all the relevant social networks… facebook, twitter… we could keep going, but long story short- we’re everywhere. That’s where you can get the daily stream straight from our queue to your dashboards. It’s a lot of fun to see the girls all work to throw in their best submission every week for the chance at winning new friends and cash prizes. (we give out 16 total cash prizes a month to the girls in this contest.)

So… moving on to the contest we start with our honorable mentions this week like we always do. This time we have three shots to show you that didn’t win any money, but came close and were too hot to leave out of this newsletter.

Ramonadoexx is brand new around here, her shot gets honorable mention 🙂


Nikkoftime89 has a perfect smile- her debut shot gets honorable mention.

Lindzey Hunt brings summer time indoors for this shot of her bathing in light on the bed. Honorable mention!

Brand new girl LivelyKaty takes runner up for her debut shot using mirrors to capture this multifaceted selfie. That’s the kind of creativity that is pretty much guaranteed to win money in this contest. Congrats Katy, enjoy the Starbucks cash.

LivelyKaty’s debut shot is clever- show her some love :)

SexyAngel9 is another brand new girl who just threw a shot into the mix, and walked away with some spending cash.  This shot is also taking our candid win of the week. Congrats Angel. 🙂

SexyAngel9 is brand new around here, show her some love :)

And then we have two heavy hitters who took the first place prize money home for week thirty-eight. Say what you want about certain people winning so many times- it’s impossible to argue with the photography. Check out AndiTats submission below. She went all out on the ambiance and setup for this shot, as well as chose the perfect post production editing style.  She really puts out the goods when it comes to media. Attention to detail, overall vision for her shots… etc. etc. it’s all there. A sign that she is on her way towards mastering her craft.

Congrats Andi, nice shot!

AndiTat297 sent us this creepy shot


And then there is NaomiLynn. Our resident upset candidate. She just showed up earlier this year and started dropping professional quality bombs in our queue. We don’t know what her deal is, if she is an undercover supermodel we don’t recognize, or if her partner is some kind of wiz kid photographer- or what. But damn. How can we not award shots like these first place? 2015 has been the year for stepping up your game, and NaomiLynn is comfortably ahead of the pack.

Congrats Naomi, nice shots!

NaomiLynn exploring the sexier side of christmas lights

NaomiLynn owning the light in this shot

NaomiLynn playing with light and shadow

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned for the next few weeks all back to back until we are current! ❤

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