Check out week #37’s inspired creativity

Welcome to the winner’s announcement for week #37 of the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr.  We’ve got the most amazing lineup of creatively inspired girls anywhere. They are all ticking out of our queue on a daily basis. Make sure you subscribe to our tumblr, and check out our Twitter and Facebook as well. You will get the daily update, and you will also get to check out stuff like the Mygirlfund girl of the day, and girl of the week. The best way to show your support? Share! Like, Reblog, retweet, etc. Tell your friends and make a sign, this contest is definitely worth keeping up with.

So like usual, we start with our honorable mentions before we get to the cash winners- and this week we have 3 to show you.

3 is a lot of honorable mentions, but we couldn’t help it.  Only 4 girls can win every week, but sometimes we have to include a few more shots in this announcement because they were just too good to leave out.


Who knew Skullkid was a rope bender? This selfie gets honorable mention. ❤



KimCake is as hot as a firecracker

Something about Kimcake’s selfie that is so nostalgic. Honorable mention!



 new girl Pathogen’s gorgeous blue eyes

We seriously can’t wait to see what new girl Pathogen has up her sleeve for us- this shot gets honorable mention. ❤

GraceSea put out her hand and won some money this week for this contemplative shot of her snapping selfies with a book and a pillow.  The lighting is so on point here. We wonder what she is reading. Click her shot to tell her send her a message telling her congratulations. ❤

GraceSea contemplates her reading material

CattieC takes runner up as well for this shot below of her nailing the light through the window blinds look. We love the eye contact, and the focal points here in this shot as well. Nicely done Cattie, congratulations!

CattieC in light streaming through the blinds

Rebeccaroses just showed up out of nowhere, and took first place with this shot below. We can just picture her saying “draw me like one of your French girls”…  This shot was an easy win Rebecca, congrats!

rebeccaroses’ debut shot is outstanding

And then there is brand new girl, MeiLou who did some ballet all over the contest this week- and handily took home a first place crown for her display of lithe prowess.  That form though!  Everything is just right with this shot. Congrats MeiLou, easy win. ❤

MeiLou is brand new around here, check out her flawless form

That wraps it ladies and gents, stay tuned for week 38 right around the corner.  Ciao.

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