Week #33 Wrap Up

Welcome to week #33 of the hottest photo contest on the entire internet. In the spirit of getting caught up quickly we are going to get right to the four winners for week 33.

Starting with our runner-ups, we have Anditat297. She sent us this topless shot of her literally frolicking in the creek. We loved it. Click her shot to tell her congratulations. ❤

AndiTat297 enjoying the summer

Next runner up is Orclingxo who is brand spanking new to our contest. She submitted this beautifully lit shot of her all tied up with no place to go. Classy and edgy all at the same time. Nicely done Orclingxo! Click her shot to send her a free message telling her congratulations. ❤

New girl orclingxo is fit to be tied

PrincessPouty takes a first place crown for this dynamically cropped shot below. Sometimes the best light is natural light, and she gets paid this week for proving that.  Gorgeously done, congrats!

PrincessPouty is our latest new girl in our photo contest- show her some love :)

Calilust is out to sea with this shot she sent us below. She takes a first place crown for the wide screen format and great use of shutter speed and aperture to control the direct light here. Nice job Calilust!

Calilust is lost at sea

Woah. That’s it! As promised, fastest post ever.

Stay tuned for week 34, hot on the heels of this post.

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