First time winners in week #32

Welcome to week 32 of the hottest photo contest on the entire internet. The month of August has always been historically a little slow in this contest, and this year it’s no different. With summer winding down our girls are all getting in as much sunny awesomeness as they can, and so are we. We will be catching these posts up to current,  so expect these announcements to come a little bit faster here in the next week or two.

If you are one of the many dozens of new girls throwing her hat in the ring and watching for the winners announcements then welcome! Don’t give up if you don’t win right away, and enjoy the extra traffic that your profile receives because of our well-read tumblog. Just ask around in the GOB- the Tumblr contest is a great way to drive new guys to your profile for the first time.

Speaking of first time, we have a couple of first time winners for week 32, and since the winners announcement is why you are reading this, then we will get to it without further adieu, starting with our honorable mentions.

IndiaWolfexo is brand new around here, show her some love- Her debut shot scores honorable mention ❤


Louloux is the latest new girl in our photo contest, show her some love for scoring honorable mention ❤

Dirtyfaerie has seriously stepped it up lately. Her shots have this great mixture of candid and composed. She wins runner up for this scrumptious head shot below.  Click her shot to tell her congratulations on the win. ❤


BrookeBunny is meticulously arranged in this shot below of her stretching out on the bed with the light from the window blinds making a pleasing shape on her form. Runner up!  This shot is clear and sharp as well as lit nicely. Easy money Brooke, congrats.

Evastone easily has the most artistic submission this week. This is the only shot of the week that required no debate at all about where it should place. It’s an easy first place win with it’s gorgeous black and white treatment, and it’s unusually centered composition.  Normally ‘bulls-eye’ composition doesn’t work the best for shots like this, but in this case it’s pretty much perfect. This is Evastone’s first win, click her shot to tell her congratulations!

New girl EvaStone`s flawless form from behind

GoddessViolet takes the other first place crown, and our candid win of the week for this shot below.  Ms. Violet sure is nice to look at, don’t you agree? Click her shot to check out her MGF profile, and tell her congratulations. ❤


Stay tuned for week 33, which will follow on the heels of this post. ❤

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