New girls shook things up in week #29


Welcome to the week 29’s winners announcement for the Mygirlfund Photo Contest on Tumblr. This week, new girls stormed the winners circle, displacing a lot of our fan favs and regular contestants. Way to shake things up!

If you don’t know how it works, it’s simple. First, get a Mygirlfund profile. Second, subscribe to this newsletter. Next, send us your best shots of the week, (Up to 3 a week) and watch for this winners announcement to show up in your email. You can check out the rules page on our Tumblr for all the details. 🙂

Over the years, this contest has evolved into the sexiest, friendliest and funnest photo competition on the entire web.  It’s great exposure, and can be super rewarding when your pic gets love on our social networks. If you are a casual observer wondering if your pics could win, you should give it a shot. You never know if your name ends up in the winners circle.

So, let’s get to the fun part already.

We have two honorable mentions this week for you to check out. Our honorable mentions didn’t quite make the winners circle, but still have great shots worth including. Check out Charlie and Lex below.


xoxCharliexox flossing a fluffy white robe with ears. Honorable mention ❤


We want some of whatever Lexdollface is making- Honorable mention ❤


kittybangbang starts the winners announcement and takes a runner up crown for this gorgeously arranged shot below. We’re loving the slight reflection and diffused lighting she has going on in this shot. It’s sharp, sexy, and cropped nicely. What’s not to love? Congrats Kitty- enjoy the spending money. 🙂

KittyBangBang sent us this gorgeous full length shot

Kathrynbones dropped this curious and hot shot off in our queue, and ended up winning cash money for her efforts. We’d love to know the deal with the Polaroids on the wall behind her. Additionally we really thought the direct gaze and open posing was provocative and sexy as hell.  Runner up, congrats Kathryn!

New girl Kathrynbones is so f*n hot.

Shaneabae strolled up out of nowhere and took a first place crown for this cellphone selfie she sent us in week 29.  We love how candid it is, and we love how clear and sharp it is for a cellphone shot. Just goes to show you don’t need fancy equipment to snap good shots. Congrats Shanea- great start!

 New girl Shaneabae is so. damn. hot.

soumyaxx is another brand new girl who strolled in and took herself a first place crown. The green backdrop of the forest floor with the purple makeup and shorts just somehow work perfectly together. Unusual perspective as well. We loved it! Congrats Soumyaxx, easy win.

Soumyaxx is our latest new girl, show her some love :)

You know the drill. Same bat time, same bat channel next week. Stay tuned.

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