Great creative effort in week #28


7/16-7/23 ticked off week 28 of the hottest photo contest on the entire web. Great creative effort this week with our contestants throwing convention aside, and embracing a more artistic approach to this contest. The guys loved it, and our reblogs and retweets were amazing as a result.  We love it when there are so many technically proficient photos to judge, that we can get past the white balance and iso settings, and focus on the personality and presentation instead of our contestants instead. This is exactly what a sexy photo contest should be.

So without further back patting and horn blowing, let’s begin with our honorable mentions for week 28. This week we have three to show you.  Our honorable mentions didn’t win any money, but still had amazing shots. Check them out below.


Great color here from AmberNevada1- honorable mention ❤


cute crop here from bowie- honorable mention ❤

Sensualsecret sent us this gorgeous study in light and shadow- honorable mention ❤

ReginaRael kicks off the part of this post where we start handing out money. This shot below of her rocking a black T-shirt and cutoffs takes our candid win of the week, and wins runner up.  Congrats Regina, nice shot.

ReginaRael in barely there cutoffs

PussyinSpace takes our second runner up spot for this slightly dystopian shot below. All the elements here work together to turn a sleepy little beach scene into something that could have come out of Tank Girl perhaps. Thematic! Nice job PussyinSpace, enjoy the spending money.

PussyInSpace checks off the latest destination on the bucket list

The lovely iikebana strolls into the ring and takes a first place crown for this perfectly posed shot below. We are loving the way that the natural light is illuminating the scene. All that white in her room really works nicely to diffuse that light, and enhance her form. Composition and dynamic range are dead on here as well. Bonus points for this being a selfie.  When it comes to selfies, no amount of selfie sticks can beat a tripod and shutter release.  That pro-tip earned iikebana some first place prize money this week. Click her shot to tell her congratulations.

iikebana sent us this perfect shot. Gorgeous!

Finsuul is easily one of our hottest and most creative new contestants. This diptych below caught, and kept our attention all week. This over and under shot has that signature Finsuul look, combining cool temperature tones, shallow depth of field, with fiery red hair and a direct interaction with the camera lens. She isn’t afraid of the camera, that’s for sure. Congrats Finsuul, enjoy the spending money. ❤

Finsuul is hypnotizing.


That wraps it. We think we’re going to go have a slice of watermelon now…. until next week. ❤

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