So many great shots, so little time! Mygirlfund’s week #27 tumblr contest.

07/07 turned into 07/14 ticking off the 27th week in the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr. It really was an exceptional week, and that makes two weeks in a row where the quality has just been entirely off the hook. So many great shots to sort through, and so little time…. Whatever shall we do?

Of course we made it happen, and as a result you have this great newsletter to scroll through. If you aren’t following us on Tumblr, or Twitter- then now is a good time to do so. We have daily updates coming out of our queue for you retweet, comment on and favorite. If you would rather skip the other social media sites, and go straight to the source, then feel free to click on any one of these shots and go straight to Mygirlfund where you can leave a message introducing yourself. You never know what will happen next.

This week we are rocking 3 honorable mentions before we get to the cash prize winners. These are photos that didn’t win, but were fantastic nonetheless. Just our way of saying keep up the good work!

The radiant SexySteph88- honorable mention ❤

can you guess how Finsuul got these rope marks? 😉 Honorable mention!

bellsommers is brand new around here- this eye popping shot gets honorable mention ❤

MsTtori kicks off the winners announcement with this daring shot she took just off of an obviously active bike trail. She wins some money for her enthusiastic display of exhibitionism. Nicely captured, and great color in this shot as well. Good job!

MsTTori getting daring with this outdoor upskirt shot

MaryKat takes second runner up for this shot of her with limbs akimbo on a fresh white comforter. The use of white and gold here accents her platinum hair perfectly. She is pretty new to our contest, and it’s nice to see her off on such a strong start. Congrats Ms. Kat. ❤

MaryKat is new around here, show her some love :)

NaomiLynn puts it down in week 27 (again) and handily steals the first place crown for these two shots below. This girl is a contender to be reckoned with. Her shots are generally pro quality, and while that isn’t usually enough to win, Naomi puts in the extra effort and energy into being on top of her modeling game as well. The two factors together make her a pretty irresistible candidate for first place, don’t you agree?

NaomiLynn employing a bit of intentional lens flare here to nice effect

Great dynamic range here from NaomiLynn

AndiTat297 sent us this muddy shot below and rocked our socks. Definitely one of her best offerings by a mile. Depth of field, sharpness, mood, and excellent dynamic range worked to her advantage here and put a first place crown on her head for week 27. Well deserved, congrats Andi. ❤

This is AndiTat297’s best shot yet.

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more gorgeous girls delivered straight to your inbox.

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