#26 was a week to remember on mygirlfund’s tumblr

Week 26 brings seven meticulously curated shots for your viewing pleasure. 4 of these shots are cash money winners, and three are honorable mentions. 06/30-07/06 was a week to remember as far as great media submissions are concerned. These girls are continuously stepping it up, and the competition is getting too close to call beforehand. We hem and haw, deliberate and go back and forth about who had the best of the best shots. Every week we come out the other side confident in our choices, and of course we think that you will agree. Leave a comment down below and let us know if you think that your favorite girl should have won instead.

If you want to congratulate the winners, or console the honorable mentions, all you have to do is click a picture and send a free message introducing yourself. Let them know you think that their work is off the chain. They will appreciate you for it! After all dear reader, these girls go through all this effort for you.  You can show your appreciation by reblogging and or retweeting your favorite submissions in real time. Just follow us here and here, and you’ll be good to go.

So without further preamble, lets bust out week 26’s honorable mentions.

ScarlettGray sent us this tantalizing shot- loving the gif format. Honorable mention<3

Lilholly and one perfectly positioned mirror. Honorable mention ❤

great shot from mannybanany. Honorable mention ❤


Crazy good aren’t they? In previous weeks, all three of those shots could have been first place winners. If you want to win in this contest lately, you have to get your game face on, and really put in the effort.

OhClementine does just that, and scores a runner up crown for this shot below of her colorful behind. We like the depth of field from her shoe leading into the main compositional lines on this shot. Lucky accident? The world may never know. Either way it wins some spending money. Congrats Clementine ❤

OhClementine does non nude the right way

MyCherryCrush threw this photo in the ring with certainty that it was going to win. Looks like it paid off for her, because it did! She wins the other runner up crown for this meticulously arranged shot below. Looks like it could have come out of a magazine doesn’t it? Nicely done Cherry. Congrats. 🙂

mycherrycrushx looking flawless

The elusive and ethereal Artemisia showed up after a long hiatus and dropped this shot in our lap. We couldn’t help but award it first place. It seems like every time Artemisia posts it wins a prize. Skills! We really like the perspective in this nature themed shot.

Artemisia&rsquo;s greenhouse upskirt shot is adorable

PrincessConnie’s debut shot sent her straight to the head of the pack. She came out swingin’ and blingin’ with this from-the-top-down shot of her looking like a million bucks on her zebra print comforter. It took home the final first place crown. Click her shot to tell her congratulations!

PrincessConnie&rsquo;s debut shot is fantastic

That wraps it up boys and girls. Stay tuned for week 27’s winners. It just keeps getting better…

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