Week #25 was too hot to handle

This week went all the way off the rails. Seriously one our best weeks yet. Week 25 of the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr brought dozens of shots in that were each better than the last. These girls are just too much for you to handle. There is something irresistible about the way that the average girl next door transforms into a pinup from the comfort of their natural habitat. This is self love at its finest. 😉

Some are sumptuously candid, and others are carefully composed. It’s a reflection of the personality behind the shot, and that means it’s a blast to keep up with the hottest photo contest on the web. Every one of these contestants will actually talk to you! Just find one that strikes you the right way, and click her shot. You can send her a free message introducing yourself- and see if she is open to flirt, chat and play sometime. You never know what will happen.

So, this week we had to include 3 honorable mentions for you to look at, in addition to the four cash winners we have to announce. These shots were just too good to leave out of this newsletter.

TheCatCadaver looking delicious- honorable mention!



Bebexoxo is brand new around here, show her some love :)- honorable mention


LillyMariexxx showing off in bed- honorable mention

OhClementine brings it home for the two shots below. She wins some prize money for the great use of color, and smart cropping.  Runner up, congratulations Clementine. ❤OhClementine nailed this shot



Skullkid scores a runner up crown for this shot below of her rocking some bubble-gum pink bondage gear. She is edgy like you never dared to be- and she is definitely a crowd favorite. Her style can’t be imitated, and she is constantly winning in this contest because of it. Congrats Skullkid- enjoy the spending cash.

skullkid only sports the most fashionable ballgags.

Iikebana wins a first place crown for this gorgeously composed, and intentionally overexposed shot of her just being her sexy self. Everything about this shot just works out- it’s both candid and composed at the same time. A showcase of strong modeling, and great photography. That combination can be banked on to win- and win often in this contest. Nice job likebana, congrats. ❤

iikebana is long and tall and sun drenched

Kittybangbang scores a first place crown as well for these two shots below that play with light and shadow. It really worked out for her because of the simplicity of her set. She showcases her amazing form with the play of shadow against the almost -but not quite blown out highlights on her body. When there are both completely black shadows, and completely white highlights in the background, with the subject gradually and subtly lit, it’s no accident. A shot has to be carefully set up in camera to pull this kind of dynamic range off correctly. Nice job Kittybangbang. Keep em comin!KittyBangBang just barely kissed by the light coming through the window- classy!

KittyBangBang’s debut shot is gorgeous


Stay tuned for week 26. It just keeps getting better.


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