Sunny days and stunning girls in week #24

Week 24 of the hottest photo contest on the web brought the summer spirit out in our contestants. They rock and rolled in the sun all week, and we have the shots to prove it. 🙂

If you already check out our contest on Tumblr, and have been wanting to talk to your favorite girl, then here is your chance. All you have to do is click the picture of the girl you want to talk to and you will be taken to her MGF profile where you can send her a completely free message introducing yourself. Honestly? You never know what might evolve if you do.

So we have two honorable mentions this week to cover before we get to our cash winners.

finsuul sent us this edgy shot of her showing off some spiky neck jewelry.

Finsuul showing off some neck jewelry- honorable mention ❤

MsFaune Is a brand new contestant who sent us this shot of her smiling in bed wearing nothing but some red lipstick. We think she is gorgeous, don’t you?

MsFaune is brand new around here, show her some love 🙂 Honorable mention ❤

GoddessViolet scores runner up and wins some prize money for this instagram-esque shot of her soaking up some sunshine.  The shot is sharp enough to tell that she just got out of the pool, and we are digging her retro hippy shades. Nice shot Violet.

Goddess Violet soaking up the rays


KimmiePie sent us the two hot shots below and scored runner up for her efforts. Which hair color do you think looks better? We are leaning towards au naturale, but we are digging the violet grey hair as well. Either look works flawlessly withKimmiePie. Great job, keep it up ❤

KimmiPie09 is new around here, show her some love ;)

Loving this shot from KimmiePie09

JessBourbon threw down like a boss in week 24- scoring a first place crown for this shot of her in stark relief against an idyllic blue sky. As soon as it hit our queue we knew it would probably win. We would say it’s her best shot yet, wouldn’t you?

JessBourbon against a vivid blue sky

Sultrysinns absolutely nailed it with this shot below. The depth of field is perfect, and the lighting is nicely achieved with the windows to her right. Nicely executed, and seeing as how she is just about brand new to our contest, we’re guessing that means we will see much more from her in the future. 1st place, Nice job!

sultrysinns sent us this great shot

That sets us up for week 25- stay tuned to find out who won.

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