Find out which girls were crowned in week 23

Welcome to week 23 of the hottest photo contest on the entire web. It was a great week with so many good shots to choose from it took a bit longer than usual to figure out who should take home the winning crowns. We have four cash winners this week, and two honorable mentions to show you here for week 23, but if you go over to our Tumblr, or follow us on twitter you will see the entire week of submissions. We think you will agree it was one of the toughest weeks yet to call.  Who do you think should have won? Leave a comment below letting us know.

It was hair raising and pants popping for our fans who keep up with their favorite girls in this contest this week. They seemed to come out of the woodwork to reblog their favorite girls. Whatta sweet bunch of guys we have following this contest. If you are an MGF girl looking for a bit of extra exposure from an enthusiastic group of fans, then submitting your best shots every week to our Tumblr is a great place to start.

So let’s begin shall we? Starting with our honorable mentions per usual, & this week we have two:

SweetCheekz is quickly becoming a fan favorite around here. Her shots come out looking so clean. She’s got that all American girl vibe that everyone seems to love.

SweetCheekz with panties half down. So sexy. Honorable mention. ❤

Trixielevigne is brand new, and we are loving her candid and sexy style already.

TrixieLevigne`s debut shot is pretty cute, don’t you agree? Honorable mention

AndiTat wins some prize money, and scores runner up for this shot of her blindfolded on an all white bed cover. This shot has great lighting, and an interesting composition. Consider us fans. 🙂

AndiTat297 sent us this stunner

BigTittyLizzie wins runner up for this shot of her getting her summer on like a professional. She looks right at home there on a boat soaking up the rays. Click her shot to go over to her MGF profile and tell her congratulations!

BigTittyLizzy getting some boat time

NaomiLynn scores another first place win for this curious diptych below. We don’t know whats up with the hat, but it just seems to work with the sunflare behind her. Also, backlit the way it is, this a tough shot to capture- definitely something you can’t do in automatic mode on your dslr.  Congrats on another win Naomi!

NaomiLynn sent us this curious and beautiful shot

JennJglass takes home a first place crown for these two shots below. She is overdue for a win- check out her stream on Tumblr and you’ll see what we mean. She consistently brings the heat, and this week it pays off for her.

JennJGlass sent us this nicely arranged shot

JennJGlass enjoying a steamy showerWell, there you have it. Stay tuned for more take-your-breath-away-shots from your favorite girls on MGF. Ciao!

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