Saying Hi! to the winners of our week #22 tumblr contest is easy

week 22 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr marked off the first week of June.  We’re almost half way through the year, and our queue is stuffed- packed full of girls next door. The diversity at Mygirlfund is entirely off the chain, but one thing that all of these girls have in common, is they will actually give you the time of day. Just click the picture below of a girl you think you might want to talk to, and send a free message saying hi. You might be surprised where it ends up from there. 🙂

We start off our week like we usually do with a couple of honorable mentions. These are submissions that didn’t win, but were still hot enough to include in the lineup for you to check out. Make sure to leave a comment below letting us know how you think we did.

LittleKitty1994 is new around here, show her some love 🙂 This shot takes honorable mention


Finsuul in a soft blue light- honorable mention 🙂

BabyLeo is the first of four cash winners this week. She wins runner up for this fresh and cute headshot she sent us below.  Although she is relatively new, she has been submitting pretty regularly. Her stream over on Tumblr is worth checking out. Congrats Leo, enjoy the spending money!


DirtyFaerie takes our second runner up spot for this hot shot below of her tiny cutoff jeans. My goodness. Make sure you click her shot and tell her congratulations yourself.

DirtyFaerie in her tiniest pair of cutoffs


MaceyJade scores a first place win for this pair of shots below. This girl has skills! We’ve been thinking about hitting her up for an interview to find out how her selfie game got so ridiculously good.

maceyjade snapping selfies in the mirror

The gloves are a nice touch in this shot from maceyjade

JessBourbon pulls off a first place win as well for this shot below utilizing some creative depth of field to draw our attention to her wrist cuff, secured just lightly enough to be comfy, but tightly enough to be effective. We guess this aperture was set at around 1.8 or so. Nice shot Jess, congratulations!

JessBourbon all bound

Well that wraps it up for this week. We will be catching up the month of June really soon here. Until next week!



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