Without further adieu, week #21 of mygirlfund’s tumblr contest

Welcome to week 21 of the hottest photo contest on the internet. The shots came in by the dozen from Mygirlfund girls all looking to show off their best shots of the week. And did they ever! This week was tough to call because the overall quality was really good. We finally narrowed it down, and chose four winners to award a cash prize to, and two honorable mentions to give props to as well.

If you are and MGF girl, and missed the last post on The Mygirlfund Review about the Tumblr photo contest, then you should definitely check it out. There are great tips and tricks there for making sure that your name goes into the winners circle as well.

If you are an MGF guy, or just a fan of our photo contest, make sure you follow us on twitter as well. There you will receive all the submissions in real time tweeted into your dashboard. Make sure to retweet your favs, and shout out to the winners every week. Aside from the cash prize, these girls are doing this all for you. Make sure you remember to show your love. 🙂

Without further adieu, lets get to our honorable mentions for week 21.

We start off with Miss Ireland, who takes the first of two honorable mentions this week. We thought this was a great shot, and figured you would enjoy it as well.

How one island can contain all that booty we will never know. Honorable mention!

miasummers pegged our weak spot for girls rocking jeans. American classic beauty, wouldn’t you agree?

MiaSummers in nothing but a pair of blue jeans

No shirt, and bluejeans. Classic! This shot from miasummers gets honorable mention.

Finsuul takes runner up and wins some money for this vibrant shot below. We wish we saw more colorful shots like this one. Note the white balance is still correct, even with all that blue and purple ambiance? Nicely done. Click her shot to tell her congratulations. 🙂

Finsuul has a gorgeous smile

MaceyJade takes the other runner up crown for these two gorgeous shots below. She does it right, doesn’t she? Out of all the contestants on our Tumblr, her stream is one of our favorites. You should take the second to go and check it out and marvel for yourself at her diversity and selfie skills.

maceyjade is picture perfect

Sweetcheekz pulls off a first place win for these two shots below. Her shots are quintessential girl-next-door, and somehow they just keep getting better. We couldn’t help but to put the first place crown on her head this week. Click one of her shots to be the first to let her know that she won first place. Congrats sweetcheekz.


Loving this shot from sweetcheekz

This is SweetCheekz` best shot yet

ritaxo comes back after a brief hiatus and strolls into the first place spot. She takes home some money for the two shots stacked up below. Amazing, isn’t she?

Ritaxo soaking in the tub

Ritaxo soaking in the tub


That wraps it up for week 21. Leave a comment below, and let us know how you think we did. 🙂




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