Week #20’s list of beauties

5/16-5/23 ticks off week 20 of the MyGirlfund Photo Contest on Tumblr. Without a doubt, this is the hottest photo contest on the web. We have cuties for miles. Divas for days. Hotties for hours. .. you get the point.  And if you don’t, then you can click on over to our tumblog and see for yourself exactly what we mean.

Check out the week 20 lineup below for a tiny sampling of what we have coming out of the oven every week for you. Hit subscribe and you will get these winners announcements sent straight to your email, so you will always have a list of beauties to go congratulate on winning. Nothing says ‘Hi, my name is’: quite like telling someone they won money in our photo contest. You can be the first to congratulate them if you are fast enough. Simply click the pic of the girl you want to talk to and you will go straight to her MGF profile where you can send her a free message saying hi. 🙂


As always we will start with our honorable mention. This week Mermaidd takes that position, and while she didn’t win money, her shot was definitely hot enough to include in this weeks lineup.

Mermaidd puts it on the glass- great stuff coming out of Mermaidd`s camp lately. Honorable mention!

JessBourbon dialed the aperture number way down, and sent us this gorgeously arranged shot of her assuming the ‘give me a massage’ position. Great sharpness, and depth of field. Jess has the secret sauce figured out. Nice job and congrats on the win.

great shot from JessBourbon

Dirtyprincess01 gets with the summertime program and takes advantage of the foliage to go ahead and take it all off on her porch.  It looks so hot and inviting where she is at.  She scores runner up for this shot. Congrats Princess, enjoy the extra cash. 🙂

Dirtyprincess01 does summer correctly.

Sweetcheekz just went ahead and took first place this week for the two shots below. Lately, she is on fire with her submissions. She is one of our contestants who has been progressively getting better and better with every.single.shot. Definitely an MGF shooting star.  Our friends and fans agree that this new girl is one whose trajectory is way up there at the top. Congrats SweetCheekz, keep em comin!

SweetCheekz looks like a million bucks

SweetCheekz`s bed looks super inviting

Kaate steals first place as well for these two shots below. She has been rocking it lately, and these shots are great examples of how. Her use of color in both shots is exquisite. The dynamic range in both shots is accomplished as well. The color and lighting schemes in these photos are no accident. Her thoughtfulness in both shots definitely paid her this week. Quick and easy 75 bucks! Nicely done Kaate.

another hot shot from Kaate

great shot from brand new girl kaate

That wraps it. Stay tuned for week 21’s results, we should be knocking that out in the next couple days. 🙂

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