Mygirlfund’s week #19 tumblr contest was hypnotizing

5/8-5/15 was week 19 of the hottest photo contest on the entire internet, and this is the winners announcements. We are coming back up on current with this post, and we will keep plugging them out every few days until we are!

Week 19 was hypnotizing. If you go on over to our contest site, where tons of girl submit their hottest shots every week for a chance to win cash, you will definitely see what we mean. The lineup is incredible. We couldn’t have asked for a better showing for this week. Check out spacecowgirls shot below of her absolutely tiny cutoffs for a great example. Our fans couldn’t even handle it. Although this shot didn’t win any money we had to pop it in here for you to look at and appreciate.

You can count the threads on SpaceCowgirl`s itty bitty cutoffs. Honorable mention!

Our other two honorable mentions this week, DirtyFaerie and Sweetcheekz were both also strong contenders in week 19. We couldn’t leave them out of the lineup, even if they didn’t win any money. We are loving both of their shots. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know who you think should have won. In the meantime, scroll down to find out who actually did win. 🙂

It was hard not to award this shot money. Most other weeks it would have won. Honorable mention!

If Sweetcheekz doesn’t win our contest soon, we will be surprised. This girl’s shots are all the way off the chain. Honorable mention ❤


CexiSuki struts in as a brand new girl, and takes runner up for this super-sharp shot of her wearing some beautiful ink, and a classic pose. We were all about those eyes. Gorgeous! Nice shot Suki, we can’t wait to see what else you have for us.

cexisuki showing off her gorgeous ink

vanadisstarr takes runner up for this shot below- and wins some cash for doing the white background the right way.

Our only gripe? The ostentatious watermark. This pic took runner up instead of first because the watermark (Although we have to admit, the watermark is tight.) takes a shot that is all about her, where you aren’t thinking about the background, to making the shot look like it came out of a studio. Little things make a big difference.

Either way, it still wins money because It is a fantastic shot, and that backdrop is flawlessly lit though. 😉 We are really looking forward to seeing more from MsStarr. Congrats on the win!

VanadisStarr is brand new around here, show her some love :)

Naomilynn. Again. First place. We promise this is the last time we award a shot from this set money. This one was just too good to ignore though.  The level of photography here is very advanced, even by pro standards. Sometimes, photos are just not to be denied. This is one of those.

Click her shot to tell her congratulations on the win! ❤

NaomiLynn’s shots are outrageously good.

camwithkitten takes first place in week 19 for this absolutely dope shot of her gorgeous behind framed with the backdrop of the city. Clearly penthouse material. She rocked our socks with this one, and our tumblr fans loved it too. Congrats Kitten, keep em coming. 🙂

nice shot from camwithkitten

That’s a wrap for week 19. Stay tuned for week 20.

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