The Girls Brought Their A Game in Week 18

The first week of May brought out all the prettiest flowers both outside and for the hottest photo contest on the web. Spring is almost over and girls are gearing up for summer. Bikini bodies everywhere you look! This week brings mostly indoor submissions, but if you peek ahead in our archive you will see lots more outdoor beauties in upcoming weeks.  It’s going to be a great summer!

Week 18 went as smooth as could be with our queue popping to the brim with new girls and regular contestants alike all bringing their A game. Check out this shot from Mermaidd below for an example. She didn’t win any money but she did score an honorable mention for this extra hot shot of her from behind. Wow!

A booty like that deserves all the reblogs. Honorable mention!

bedroomeyes25 is a brand new contestant who sent us this shot of her spilling out of her tiny purple nighty. She lives up  to her name as well with some of the most seductive eyes we have ever seen. Consider us fans! Honorable mention. 🙂

Bedroomeyes25 is brand new around here, show her some love 🙂 Honorable mention for this shot.

Miss Kaitlin is due for a win and this week she brings it home, stealing runner up for these two gorgeous shots of her teasing in her bedroom. She has been bringing her A game lately, and stepping it up to deliver shots like these two below is exactly what you have to do to win this contest. Great Job Miss K. Enjoy the spending money. 🙂

MissKaitlin looking hot as hell

MissKaitlin teasing on cam with a handbra

letwotimes sent us this dreamy and bokeh`d shot below and took home a runner up spot. Not bad for a new girl huh? We love it when that happens. Let’s see what else she has for us in the weeks ahead. In the mean time, click her shot and make sure you tell her congrats for rocking it in week 18 of the MGF photo contest.

LeTwoTimes is our latest brand new girl- show her some reblog love :)

Calilust swung, and knocked it clean out of the park with these two shots below. She takes a coveted first place crown for clear, and thoughtfully composed submissions. These are easily two of our best shots of the week. She has also stepped up her game considerably. Have you seen her stream over on our tumblr? If not you should definitely check it out.

killer  shot from Calilust

Calilust pulling her cute panties down

iikebana struts away with the other first place crown for week 18. We loved this shot below and so did our fans. Iikebana is a brand new girl with an obvious sense of composition and style. Sex appeal? Off the charts. Looks like she is quite comfortable in front of the lens as well. Click her shot to tell her congratulations on the first place win. 🙂

Great shot from iikebanaThat wraps it up boys and girls. Stay tuned here or hit subscribe to get week 19’s winners sent to your inbox. ❤


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