Week #17 of the hottest photo contest on the web

4/23-4/30 clicks off the last week in april, and the 17th week of the hottest photo contest on the web. For this week we have a collection of 6 gorgeous divas who all threw their hat in the ring for a chance to win cash money. Four of them took home a winning spot, and two are honorable mentions. We will start off like we usually do with the honorable mentions, and move along to the girls who won money, starting with the runner ups.

Want to know how you can win some extra girlfund money in the most amazing photo contest on the web? Check our our rules page for how to submit, and check out this post for tips and tricks on being more successful in this contest.

We start off week 17 with two honorable mentions. Both these beauties have great shots, and we couldn’t just leave them out of this post, even if they didn’t win any money.

Spacecowgirl rocking thigh high socks and a cheeky grin- Honorable mention!

loving this shot from Sensualsecret. Honorable mention 🙂

SweetAsh gets the money rolling, and takes a runner up spot for these two pretty headshots she sent us. They are clear, sharp, easy on the eyes and all about her. It doesn’t take anything fancy to win this contest, sometimes just your smiling face is enough. 🙂

SweetAsh’s headshot

SweetAsh blowing sweet kisses

lusciousbaby19 takes our other runner up spot for this simple and sexy candid she sent us posing in the mirror with her cell phone. She also takes our candid win of the week.  Congrats Lusciousbaby! Click her shot below to waltz on over to her MGF profile and tell her she won. 🙂

Lusciousbaby19 snapping selfies in the mirror

MsTTori rocks out in the kitchen, and takes the cooking a bit over the top. Good thing she did, as this shot won her a first place crown! We love how hyper-sexual this photo is, all without being X-rated. It’s a great combo, and our Tumblr fans loved it as well.

MsTTori getting everyones attention with this shot

Rylie231 blew it out of the water with this gorgeously arranged shot of her in bed wearing salmon pink. The DOF on this pic was stellar, and the lighting worked out beautifully didn’t it? This one was an easy win. Click her shot to let her know she has first place bragging rights. 😉 Nice shot Rylie.

rylie231 ass up in bed

Stay tuned for the other two weeks we are behind on. We should be current soon!

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