We adored the week #16 submissions

04/15 through 04/22 marked off week sixteen in the best photo contest on the web. This week we are going to keep it short and sweet and get right to the winners and honorable mentions. (of which we have three again to share.) No criticisms or complaints about our honorabole mentions this week, they all had solid shots worthy adoration, and we felt like we just had to include them below for you to look at and appreciate.

Mikasa19 is brand new around here, show her some love 🙂 For this shot she scores honorable mention!

The beautiful SexySteph88 scores honorable mention for this cute shot ❤

Ayume is brand new to our contest- show her some reblog love 🙂

Now on to the cash prize winners!

spacecowgirl takes home some runner up money for this gorgeous headshot of her in over-sized glasses and a nighty. The lighting is beautiful! She sure looks elegant for a cowgirl doesn’t she? Enjoy the cash cowgirl. 🙂

SpaceCowgirl looking fantastic

ambernevada1 takes our other runner up spot for this close up shot of her wearing a pair of barely-there polka-dotted panties. Holy depth of field batman. This girl has it dialed in. Congrats Amber, enjoy the spending cash.

AmberNevada1’s pretty little panties

calilust knocked it out of the park last week with these two submissions below. We have a weakness for that filmic look. Call us nostalgic, but we think girls look better on film. What can we say? We had to award first place for the composition of these shots and the all around effort that she has put into this contest and into her media in general. Our tumblr fans loved these as well. We are sure you will agree that these two earned her an easy first. Congrats Cali!

Calilust in filmic black and white

Calilust’s hourglass shape.

laceylush69 has been waiting awhile to take home the first place crown, but this time she did it. She scores first for this perfectly arranged shot of her enjoying some quality time in bed. We are loving the color pallette, and the intimate vibe she captured here. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she is stop-traffic beautiful either does it? Congrats Lacey, enjoy the cash. 🙂

laceylush69 enjoying some qt in bed

That wraps it for week 16. Wee 17 is already looking stellar. Stay tuned to find out who won. Let us know how you think we did in the comments below.

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