Hard to argue with week 15’s results

4/7-4/14 Marks the fifteenth week of the sexiest photo contest on the entire web. If you have been keeping up so far this year you will be surprised to learn that there are no candid wins this week. Carefully composed and thoughtfully edited shots took home all the money instead. Usually we include at least one candid in the winners lineup, but this week determined girls with skills behind the lens took it all home. It’s hard to argue with results. We have seen girls go from class D selfie game, to world class magazine-ready shooting. That’s what this contest is all about! We’re so proud of these girls we could bust.

Lets start with our honorable mentions like we usually do. These are contestants who almost took home money, and had great shots- they just didn’t quite edge out the winners. This week we have three to show you.

Jenn J Glass:

Jenn J Glass’s lovely face – honorable mention!


MissKaitlin showing off her long ginger locks- honorable mention 🙂

Max Littlestuff:

say ahhh- maxlittlestuff gets honorable mention for this shot

There are weeks that the three shots above would have easily won. All great photos, wouldn’t you agree? Now lets get to the cash winners for week 15.

lilPumpkinGal absolutely nailed the depth of field on this portrait style shot of her all comfy like under the blankets. She takes some runner up prize money home. When is the last time you won money for fapping underneath the covers? 😉 Click her shot to tell her congratulations.

great shot from a brand new girl in our photo contest- Lilpumpkingal

skullkid sent us two shots for week 15 that were impossible to deny. She takes runner up for her non-stop creative effort in this contest. We can set our watch to her submissions, and our fans and friends wait impatiently for her shots every week. This week she didn’t disappoint. 🙂skullkid- heavily modified, and exquisitely inked.

skullkid sent us this great shot

Iikebana strolled in and casually took the first place crown this week for this stunningly arranged shot of her not wanting to get out of bed. Everything about this shot is just dead on. Congrats Iikebana- easy win. Click her shot to send her a free message congratulating her yourself.


NaomiLynn wears our other first place crown for these two shots below. We can’t choose between the two for our favorite, so we included both. This girl has a special relationship with light and shadow doesn’t she? The dynamic range of the shot of her in a sheetless bed, and the great reflective light in the bicycle shot both worked out wonderfully for her. She is a rising star on MGF- click through to her profile and find out why!

beautiful shot from NaomiLynn

NaomiLynn reveals the secret to those amazing legs of hers

That wraps it for week 15. Stay tuned for more cash-winning hotties in week 16.

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