The girls pulled out all the stops in week #14

(3-30-4/06) Week 14  made a scene over on our Tumblog. Two brand new girls take first place this week.  If you weren’t there to see the queue unfold then you definitely missed out. The hottest and freshest photo contest on the web exceeded expectations as we feverishly worked to keep up with our ever growing register of hotties. Hop on over to our archive to get a long view of the kind of shots we get on the daily.

Our girls went and pulled all the stops, (see what we did there?)  and this week we have three honorable mentions to serve up before we get to our cash winners.  Check them out below; any one of them could have arguably won, don’t you agree? It was difficult to not award these three money, but we figured the least we could do would be to line them up here below for you to talk to. Just click their picture and shoot on over to mgf to send them a free message telling her you think she should have won.  🙂

Amitoro tossing and turning in bed- honorable mention ❤

Heraxo rocking some band merch and showing off some underboob Honorable mention!

PrincessKhloe flashing for this iphone selfie Honorable mention 🙂

DirtyFaerie is the first of our cash winners, and she takes runner up for this sultry full-body iPhone mirror selfie.  She really nailed it on the dynamic range and natural posing. Click through on her shot to her MGF profile and send her your congratulations.

Dirtyfaerie snapping iphone selfies in the mirror

Skullkid banks some more money in her girlfund for this shot below. It’s definitely the sharpest shot of the week, and all you have to do is look at it to see why it won money. We are guessing that is a dslr remote hiding in her right hand. She has elevated the selfie game to an art form- so much so that she just consistently wins money in this contest. Nice shot Skullkid, congrats on the win.

skullkid rocking a spiked headband and knee-socks

PosionIvianna is a brand new girl in our contest. She just showed up and stole the first place crown out of nowhere. By now you all know that we love it when that happens. ❤ Shots like this are extremely popular on our Tumblog, and in addition to our fans and friends, we couldn’t resist it either.

Posionivianna is brand new around here- and easily has the best shot of the day. Show her some reblog love!

babykittygirll is another new contestant, and she sports the first place crown and takes the candid win of the week for this gorgeously arranged headshot below. We love it’s simplicity and open candor.  Check out her submissions so far on Tumblr- and make sure you congratulate her yourself while you are at it.

babykittygirll- tumblr entry

That wraps it for week 14.  Hit subscribe and we will send you send you the winners for week 15 straight to your inbox. ❤

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