Week #13’s delicious winners

Welcome to the winners announcement for the most prolifically sexy photo contest on the web. We have six great shots to share for week 13, and as the year marches on, it’s obvious that this contest only gets better with time. Our girls are hot and fresh like morning pancakes, and the daily stream of submissions into our tumblr queue are equally delicious.

If you are wondering how it all works, it’s really simple. Girls from all over the world submit their best photos to us each week, and we post them on our tumblr for our fans and friends to drool over, share and comment on. Then once a week we take on the monumental task of sorting through the photos to pick the four best shots. Then, (and this is the best part) we deposit some cash into the winners’ girl funds.

We start off every week with a couple of honorable mentions, and this week we will stick to the same routine. We have two to share this time- and while these shots didn’t win cash, they certainly came close. So close that we just had to share them with you here below. How do you think we did? Do you think your favorite girl should have won instead of one of the 6 beauties below? Drop a line in the comments letting us know. We love to hear from you dear reader, so let your voice be heard.

LunaM554 on all fours for this sexy selfie- honorable mention!

pr1ncessbritney with an apple for teacher- honorable mention 🙂

Brand new girl Charyle takes runner up and wins some cash for this ultra cute shot of her sporting some fingerless gloves. Check out those gorgeous eyes as well. Enchanting! We love it when new girls win, and for week 13 we were happy to see it happen again. This shot also takes our candid win of the week. Congrats Charlyle- enjoy the spending cash. ❤

Charyle is brand new around here, show her some love :)

MissAvena takes our other runner up spot this week for this gorgeously arranged single light source headshot. Very Marilyn Monroe- wouldn’t you say? She is also relatively new around here, and so far her submissions have been meticulously curated. We can’t wait to see some candids from her in the future.

loving this shot from Missavena

What could be better than a Naomilynn in the winners position? Yep. She takes first place for this beautiful shot of her in a flowing japanese style robe. Everything from her flawless mani, to her cute little piercing is right on point, and the fans absolutely loved this shot. We did too. Congrats Naomi, enjoy the cash!

NaomiLynn is gorgeous

Ritaxo just showed up out of nowhere one week, and has been knocking it out of the park since. She has got a fantastic sense of composition, and editing skills that are off the chain. She works hard to create a look that is all her own, and this week it pays off nicely for her.  She takes home the first place crown for week 13. We think you will agree it is obviously deserved. Click her shot below to go to her MGF profile and tell her congratulations!

love this shot from ritaxo

ritaxo sent us this gorgeously softened shotWell boys and girls, that wraps it up for week 13. Stay tuned to find out who stole the show for week 14. ❤

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