Our queue overflowed with gorgeous girls in week #12

3/15-3/21 checked off week 12 in the funnest photo contest on the entire internet.  We are dripping with positive sex appeal around here and our queue is overflowing with cute, no- gorgeous girls all throwing their best photos at us every week. They are all participating for 16 chances a month to win cash money for their efforts. It’s not only about the money though. The fans and friends of our tumblog keep the love flowing with comments, reblogs, and their undying support. They are nothing if not consistently supportive.

Where else on the entire internet can you find something like this? Nowhere, that’s where. Mygirlfund has the most girls, the best social network, the highest paying and most consistent contests- and that is just the beginning. If you are a Tumblr guy watching this contest, then making the move to MGF where you can actually talk to these girls is the logical thing to do. It’s free, fun, and flirtatiously fantastic. Click the picture of your favorite girl and be transported to her profile where you can send her a free message introducing yourself. From there? The sky is the limit.

Without further adieu, lets get to week 12’s winners and honorable mentions. This time around we have two honorable mentions to present. Ambata, and Badnez both had great shots, that while they didn’t make any cash, were still too good to not include in the lineup this week. Check them out below.

Ambata is brand new to our contest, show her some love- This shot makes honorable mention

BADNEZ taking hot-shot selfies in the mirror. Honorable mention!

As far as our cash prize winners, we start this week off with a superlative iphone shot from DirtyFaerie. We are loving how crystal clear this shot turned out. Girls, if you want to know how she did this with her iphone, you should leave a comment and ask. Maybe she will see it and respond! Those eyes though… This shot is an easy win. Congrats Faerie.

Bellahhboot9 takes our other runner up spot for this light saturated shot of her in over-sized black frames. Bellahh has been super consistent with her shots, and has established herself with a style that is all her own from the very first one. You can check out her stream on tumblr here.  After you do that, click her shot here to tell her congratulations on the win. 🙂 BellAhhBoot9 rocking black frames and red lipstick

Centersnare cuts through the noise and takes first place for this gorgeously direct candid below. This takes our candid win of the week, and wins her a nice bit of change in the process. Nice shot, congratulations. ❤

centersnare’s debut shot is gorgeous

AmberNevada1 easily has the best shot of the week. Her sense of dynamic contrast has improved dramatically over the last year or so. It seems like every shot she submits is an instant contender. This girl is not playing around when it comes to producing media that stands out. All her shots are worthy of second, third and fourth looks. This one in particular wins her a first place crown for week 12.  Easy win Amber, great job. Stunner from Ambernevada1And that wraps it up for week 12. This also catches us up to current. Stay tuned to see who won for week 13- it’s going to be an excellent week, we promise!

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