Girls with their cameras: Mygirlfund’s week #10 tumblr contest.

3/1-3-7 marks the passing of week 10 in the sexiest photo contest on the web. It’s astounding how we have girls from all over the place submitting their sexiest shots every week. Some never miss a week! Well, if we were them- we wouldn’t either though. After all, there are 16 chances a month to win one of four weekly cash prizes. You can see how we judge our submissions here– and start entering your hottest photos today! Just grab an MGF account, and throw your hat in the ring.

For the guys, all you have to do is what you are already doing. Your reblogs, retweets, and likes go a long way toward keeping these girls motivated. 😉 Besides, if you subscribe to this newsletter, then you probably have already connected with one (Or more) of these divas, and are rooting for her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Mygirlfund. .

Almost nothing is as poignant as a girl with her camera. We think you will agree if you go to our tumblog and check out our endless stream of amazing selfies from real girls you can actually talk to.

4lokoprincess starts off the week with the first of two honorable mention spots. She is relatively new to our contest but has already created space for herself as an un-posed contender. We love her candid style. She didn’t win money this week, but we see good things in her future.

Dig this candid selfie from 4lokoprincess

MyNameIsAlli takes our second honorable mention this week for this gorgeous shot below. We would have loved to have seen the unframed version of this shot.

We like this shot from MyNameIsAlli- she could have skipped the black frame, but we think it’s still hot as hell

theCatcadaver is our first runner up for week ten, and wins some starbucks money for this ultra chill shot of her in nothing but leopard skin panties, and a hoodie-vest. Only she could make this work. Isn’t she beautiful? Congrats Cat, nice shot.

TheCatCadaver sent us this nice shot of her layed out in bed- nice and sharp!

Bellahhboot9 wins some cash for this sudsy shot of her gams below. She is new to our contest, and has an unorthadox, and yet effective style. One of our favorite combos. ❤ Congrats Bellah ❤

BellAhhBoot9 showing off her slippery gams

Naomilynn is another brand new contestant. She struts up to the first place spot for this absolutely gorgeous black and white. We love the sense of motion, the lighting, dynamic range as well as the perfect sharpness. Pay attention girls, this one is going to win a lot if she keeps sending shots like this. Congrats Naomi, easy win. 🙂

We are loving this shot from naomilynn- she is brand new around here, show her some love

MissKaitlin wins the other first place spot for this beautifully sharp and clear selfie of her just being her sexy self. Yet another new contestant takes first place. We love it when that happens. We are calling this our candid win of the week as well. Notice how her glasses match her hair perfectly?

MissKaitlin sent us this topless selfie - Nicely done

Where else can you get paid 75 bucks for a selfie? It’s the most fun you will ever have watching, or participating in a photo contest. We guarantee it.

Until next week boys and girls. Ciao!

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