Mygirlfund’s Week #9 showcased an interesting lineup

2/23-3/1 is week 9 in the wildest and sexiest photo contest anywhere on the web.  We have an interesting lineup this week, and our winners include a mix of our favorites, as well as crowd favorites for you to look at. The week was short and sweet, and it seemed like the girls were all gearing up for the spring weather. We can’t wait! Bring on the outdoor shots already. 🙂

We will start the week off like we usually do with an honorable mention. This time it is a brand new girl to our contest, who goes by the name of BamVi. We thought this shot was  soft and subtle, and obviously sexy as hell right? We just wish the crop was a little higher, and that it was a little sharper. It came close to winning money this week. Keep them coming in Bamvi, you never know when you will win!

BamVi is brand new to our contest- she debuts with this beautiful shot of her with knees crossed. We wonder if she can play that nylon string guitar next to her?


AngelWinters takes our first runner up spot this week and wins some prize money for this shot below of her teasing and pleasing all by herself in this bedroom selfie. This girl has selfie skills! Congrats Angel, nice shot. We wish it was a bit less compressed, but it’s still a great shot- especially for a phone selfie.

Look at Angelwinters’ attention to detail here. Gorgeous selfie.

dirtyfaerie wins the other runner up spot as well as the candid win of the week for her rocking mirror selfies with some cutoff band merch. All she is missing is a scarlett begonia. Our followers looooved this shot as well- they commented and reblogged the heck out of it all week long. Congrats dirtyfaerie- enjoy the money.

DirtyFaerie representing Sublime with a cute band-T cutoff in all the right places. All she is missing is a scarlett begonia for her hair. ;)

cakesx is brand new to our contest, and already she is bringing some serious heat and competition. Check out this shot below of her peering up at the camera in bed. Perfect DOF, obviously amazing lighting, class A posing, and of course, that direct and confident eye contact that we love so much. It’s all around a wonderful shot and wins her some first place prize money for week 9. Congrats Cakes, nice shot!CakesX has the best shot of the day- not bad for a brand new contestant! Show this girl some reblog love

SeductiveSiren takes our other first place prize for this soft and smoky shot of her in a shiny red corset. We like how this single light source adds mystery and allure to this photo.  Oh yeah,SeductiveSiren is another brand new girl in the MGF photo contest. Two new girls take first place this week. ❤ Click her shot to tell her congrats, and maybe introduce yourself while you are at it. You never know what might pop up between you two.

Caslida is brand new to our contest- she debuts with this great single light source & reflector shot.  Could have cropped a little wider and deeper to get her elbows in the shot- but still quite beautiful.

Stay tuned for week 10- it’s all moving along beautifully we assure you.

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