Week #8’s eye candy

There was so much win in week 8! The submissions poured in at more than a dozen a day and didn’t let up all week. 2/16-2/22 marks the eighth week in the MGF weekly photo contest on Tumblr, and things show no sign of letting up in the eye candy department.

This weekly post is to announce the winners, but it’s also to illustrate that you won’t get amateur media like this anywhere on the web- except for MyGirlFund. Some of these girls have called MGF home for years now, and others are just finding out how awesome social networking for adults can be. Some are barely out of high school, and others are established with careers and intricate goal structures. They all share one thing in common though, they are all available to flirt, chat and play. All you have to do is head on over to our Tumblr, or Twitter and click on the picture of a girl you would like to get to know. That will beam you over to her Mygirlfund profile where you can send a free message introducing yourself. It couldn’t be any easier.

So for week 8 we had to include two honorable mentions. I know we always go on about how tough it is to choose winners, runner-ups and honorable mentions, but this week we think you will agree that it was as close as it has ever been. Make sure you leave a comment below and let us know how you think we did.

Belle takes an honorable mention spot for this intimately lit shot of her in bed snapping selfies. Those lips look so insanely kissable. Beautiful shot Belle.

Angelwinters takes the first runner up spot this week for this ultra-cute shot of her chilling in bed.  It’s a gorgeous selfie for sure. 

SexySteph88 has stepped it up considerably in the last six months or so. She is a determined and prolific contestant- not to mention outright gorgeous. Check out her stream on Tumblr, and you will see what we mean by stepping it up. Her shots are creative, focused, and she has a soft style that is all her own. This shot below? Ninja level editing skills- considerate lighting, just the right amount of dynamic range- and a composition that works well. Plus, she seems to be staring right into your brain doesn’t she? Her efforts have earned her a win this week.

Badnez takes second runner up for this sexy blue palette shot below. We think it’s cute, well composed and a bit cheeky- just how we like them. 😉

We don’t know what came over HilaryDank in week 8- but it’s like she just decided that it was her week to win. She sent in not one, but three stand-out shots. it was tough leaving one of them out, but for the sake of space we have included two for you to look at. She wins our candid win of the week, and takes first place for superlative use of color and light. It’s rare that we get shots with technical consideration as well as that candid flavor, but this week we did.

Well, you know how it works. Stay tuned for week 9- and leave a comment below telling us who you think should have won, and why!

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