Plenty of talent in mygirlfund’s week #7 tumblr contest

Feb 9-15 marks week number 7 of the hottest photo contest on the internet. 2015 has been a great year so far with plenty of new talent, and our 2014 favorites are still going strong with new and creative submissions. Some of these girls are becoming pro level talented! The selfie game has gone through the roof as well, and we are seeing lots of selfies that don’t even look like selfies thanks to the almost ubiquitous use of camera triggers/remotes.

Tax season is as good a time as any to invest in a tripod and camera remote to take your selfie game way past the selfie stick. 😉

Take maceyjade for instance, our first honorable mention for week 7. Although she didn’t win money for this shot below, it’s still a great example of the selfie done right. There is something so erotic about self shot photo shoots. That sort of sexy-self-motivation makes MJ a pretty consistent winner in our contest.


ViciousVixen is another consistent winner. In fact her selfie game is so badass she almost just wins whenever she wants to. She won money for this hot shot below. Congrats VV!

Burymedeep is a strong new contender with an impressive sense of style and composition. Here she is below-exquisitely pierced, and showing off her Oface in a handbra. She takes the second runner up crown this week. Congrats Burymedeep. 

pr1ncessBritney wins first place for this pink and red shot of her analyzing the fabric of her lace thigh highs with a critically sexy demeanor. This girl is first class. Nice shot Britney. 1st place 🙂

ritaxo wins our other 1st place crown for this soft and sexy upskirt shot. She is fairly new around here, and already she is on fire! Congrats Rita, we can’t wait to see what else you have for us.

There it was, short and sweet for week 7. Stay tuned for week 8’s  winners.

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