Meet the standouts of week #6

Feb 2-8 is week 6 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr.  Our  winners stood out pretty readily this week, but choosing who should get winner, runner up, and honorable mention spots proved to be tricky. They were all so close that we feel like it could have gone either way. Leave a comment, and let us know how you think we did!

You may notice starting today, in our Tumblr/Twitter feed that we are being a little more constructive with our comments about our submissions. We feel like it will give even more girls a chance at bringing home the prize money every week.  Ultimately this contest is to encourage our contestants to step up their media production game. Our consistent winners all have one thing in common- they keep stepping it up!  If you want to rack up some serious photo contest money in 2015, then you will take our CC with an open mind and a grain of salt. We are by no means THE expert on how photos are done right, but dealing with dozens of these photos a day gives us a perspective into what our more consistent winners are doing right. Consider this minor change in posting format just us sharing the love and knowledge.  Good luck to all our contestants in 2015!

Mariana77 is brand new to our contest, and she scores honorable mention for week six with this shot of her in an OG leather coat and panties. We like the crossed fists- this girl looks badass!  We can’t wait to see what else she has for us.

Dirtyprincess01 takes our second honorable mention spot this week for this bootylicious shot below. Note the perfectly clean heels? That sort of attention to detail will end up making her consistent money this year in this contest if she keeps it up. ❤


AddieLoveBaby is our first runner up for week 6- and takes our candid win of the week for this great shot of her definitely NOT fitting into her shirt. We loved it.  We also love it when new girls bring home the money! Click her shot to congratulate her yourself.



Oh my, OhClementine brings home some more money- and takes runner up for this shot of her taking careful aim with her pretty yellow panties.  Normally we wouldn’t award prize money to a shot with a watermark over the subject, but she took the extra step of making the watermark transparent. The placement and opacity means It doesn’t really detract from the shot so we decided to award it anyway.  Note the superb depth of field here. We are guessing an aperture setting of 2.8 here. It pays real money for this contest to shoot in manual mode!

lilholly was a sure win as soon as this shot hit our queue. The setup is brilliant, and the picture tells an easily readable story. We also love the high aperture number here, to make sure the entire scene is sharp and readable. Also, this is flash photography done correctly.Everything from the poker game, to the single drink on her side of the table, to the partially open blinds adds value to this shot. Also, note that it is so sharp you can see the corset lines in her back still? Yeah. She might have been on a losing streak that night, but this week she wins first place.  Guess it all worked out in the end. Congrats Holly!


Saylum is another brand new contestant who took home a first place crown this week. That makes two new girls who won money this week. It’s definitely going to be an interesting year.  Everything from her high-waisted jean shorts to her flawless purple mani and jade piercing is great. Consider us newly minted Saylum fans.

Well, by now you know the drill. See us next week for week 7’s winners and honorable mentions. Keep showing love in the meantime with your reblogs and comments. ❤


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