Mygirlfund’s Week #5 tumblr contest was too close to call

Jan 26 through Feb 1st marked week 5 of the hottest photo contest on the entire internet.  It was maybe one of the closest weeks we have ever had, and certainly one of the hardest to judge. It was just about impossible to call who should take home the 4 winning crowns, and who should get honorable mentions.  This week we have included two honorable mentions, but we could have put 5 or 6 in here. The skill level is definitely rising around here, and the fans are loving it!

Our follower count is in the stratosphere now, so just remember that even if you didn’t win, the exposure is fantastic! Make sure you follow our twitter to get a real-time stream of all of the submissions in your feed. It’s the best way to interact, and make your opinion known.

TheCatCadaver takes our first honorable mention spot for week 5 for sending us this cute collage full of expression. Loving all the different faces! She is one of our most dynamic contestants, and her shots have a certain laissez faire quality to them that really engages her fans. They love the real girl vibe and the lack of obvious editing. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she is stop-traffic beautiful. 🙂

AngelWinters scores our second honorable mention spot this week for the two shots she submitted below of her lying in bed having an obviously great time.  we love her classic American beauty and her very sophisticated taste in argyle knee highs. 😉


InkandIvory is our first runner up and takes home prize money for this wonderfully subdued and expertly cropped black and white shot.  Isn’t her ink beautiful? Congrats on the win Ivory, not bad!

ritaxo takes second runner up for this super-soft upskirt shot of her showing off her satin white panties. Note how there isn’t a single blown highlight in the shot, despite her skirt being brilliant white? Congrats Rita, easy money. 

Thvonnegutvixen serves up a Breakfast Of Champions (see what we did there?) with these amazingly hot shots of her busting out of her shirt. She takes home some first place prize money for these two shots, and marks her first win in our contest. We see more to come in her future. 🙂

Calilust, pictured below scores the other first place crown and wins some green money for this nicely (subtly!) vignetted shot of her enjoying some QT with herself in bed. We love the shiny little skirt, and the direct eye contact.  Click her shot to say congrats. 🙂

That wraps it up for week 5. Next week marks the first week in Feb. Stay tuned to see who won, and leave a comment below telling us how you think we did. ❤


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