Week #3 was quality

Jan 12-18 was the 3rd week of the 2015 edition of the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr. The week went by quickly but once again, it is looking stellar as far as the quality of submissions we receive goes.  We are getting lots of large, clearly focused pictures that are dripping with sexy and creative vibes. At this point we are sure you will agree that it goes without saying; MyGirlFund has the hottest photo contest on the web.

If you want a stream of photos in your dashboard from absolutely real girls you can actually talk to, then make sure you subscribe to our tumblr page, and keep track of the contest yourself. Make sure to leave a comment, and reblog your favorite girls. Aside from the money, they do this for their fans and friends. (That’s you!) You can also keep up with this contest on twitter, where you can see every submission in real time on your twitter feed. Check it out, and make your opinions heard!

That brings us to our honorable mention for week 3, a girl who goes by the name Angel Winters. She sends us awesome stuff all the time, and this week was no exception. She scores the honorable mention for this candid that makes us wonder what song is playing on the jukebox behind her that has her so worked up.


MaceyJade wins some prize money for this nicely executed perspective shot. The point of sharpness in this photo is her calves, which normally wouldn’t work, except that this shot makes your eye follow her legs alllll the way across the shot, which we are sure is the intended result. Macey is the angle queen in this contest, and usually has an entirely different way for us to look at her each time she submits. This week it lands her first runner up!

Dirtyfaerie takes our candid win of the week, and scores second runner up for this smoking hot mirror selfie she dished up. We have been expecting her to place for some time now, and we think it’s about time she did. Great composition, nice crop, and obviously ultra sexy. Click her shot to tell her congratulations yourself!

Ritaxo takes the first place crown for week three like a boss, firmly planting herself as a contender in this contest- despite the fact that she is brand new. Check out the following three shots below and you will see exactly what we mean. This girl is not playing around, and we can tell she is aiming to win this thing every chance she gets. Easy money Rita, congrats. We can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. 🙂

ritaxo brings peaches back in season early

xxxrioxxx takes the other first place crown this week for this great 420 friendly shot of her posed beautifully in a mama-san chair. In fact, we think it’s the careful posing stacked up against the heady weed she is smoking that makes this shot stand out. Whatever it is, we like it. Congratulations Rio 🙂

Next time we have the end of January lineup- leave a comment below to let us know who you think should win! 

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