It’s going to be a stellar year: Week #2 of mygirlfund’s 2015 tumblr contest

We are into the second week of the 2015 MGF photo contest  and we can already tell that it is going to be a stellar year. Already the creative juices are flowing, and the submissions in our queue get harder and harder to judge each week. Even the honorable mentions, who didn’t win cash but came close are both good shots this week. Kudos ladies! For the guys, just keep doing what you’re doing. We are loving the reblogs and great comments we get from you every week.

This time around we have two honorable mentions, Katie and Ophenia both had great shots, that didn’t quite make the winners circle.

katiestar88 sent us this really creative desaturated shot. We don’t know what’s up with the black frame & watermark, but it’s not her username on MGF so it doesn’t qualify to win her money. Still, nice shot though huh? We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

katiestar88`s hot debut shot for our contest


Belle brings it home like a boss, and wins some money for this skill-level-ninja-selfie she snapped. Belle is so bad-ass she just kind of wins whenever she wants to. If you can catch her in the GOB sometime she might give you some tips.  Congrats Belle, Runner-up!

Belle rocked it with this sexy selfie submission

Ritaxo takes our 2nd runner up position and wins some money for this nicely positioned selfie she took. We like the tricks it plays with perspective.  Rita is relatively new around here- yet she is already making money. Great job!

ritaxo all pressed up against the wall

OpheniaKnox is our first winner this week. She sent us this ultra-cute headshot. We think that for a shot this close, it should have been much sharper though. Still, great eye contact- and an obviously gorgeous girl. Keep up the good work Ophenia!

The radiant OpheniahKnox is brand new to our contest, show her some love!


Lillymayfield takes the second 1st place crown for this well executed shot of her all stretched out on an all white bed. Great lighting, depth of field, and strategic use of negative space. Lilly is brand new to our contest, did we mention that? Good job Lilly, keep the shots coming in. 🙂

lillymayfield is gorgeous on an all white bed cover

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