The girls hit the ground running in 2015’s week #1

Welcome to the first winners announcement of 2015 for the hottest photo contest on the internet. We hit the ground running with a really quality week to lead off the year. Girls stepped up their game and so did the guys, who pumped out reblogs and retweets on a daily basis for their favorite submissions. The audience for this photo contest is large and dynamically involved. It seemed that in 2014 the fans really stepped it up to support their favorite girls. 2015 promises

Check the rules page of our Tumblr for how (and what) to submit and get involved this year if you are not already.

We start off every weeks` announcement with an honorable mention. A shot that didn’t make the winners circle- but still shows potential, and or is just really nice to look at. 🙂  It’s a great excuse to point out things that paid attention to, will end up making you money for your submissions.

Wallflower sent us this passenger seat selfie, and we think it has some serious curb appeal. The crop is a bit off though, and we wish she wouldn’t have cropped her face in this shot. She would have won money for this great filtered shot if she hadn’t. We pay attention to composition when we judge these submissions, and if she would have cropped just ~75 pixels lower, or cropped above the top of her head this shot would have all the right stuff.  Either way it’s beautiful, don’t you agree? Wallflower is a fan fav, and consistently provides strong and colorful submissions. Loving this shot from Wallflower


TrashBaby takes a runner up spot and wins some green money for this cute birthday diptych she sent us below. Looks like she got a cake, and a feisty pussy for her birthday! (That cat looks ready to fight doesn’t it?) This wins our candid win of the week, and is definitely a great start for a relatively new contestant. Nice job TB.

It’s TrashBaby`s Bday- What do you think she’s getting?

MsTTori takes runner up for this great dslr selfie below. There is just something about a girl who goes all out like Ms TTori does for her selfies. We had to reward her for going the extra mile and creating great content. She is a girl to watch in 2015. We can’t wait to see what else she has for us. Congrats TTori. 🙂

MsTTori spares no expense or effort to give you the best of the best selfies. <3

Corbaxxx wins a handy first place spot for this adorable shot of her checking herself out in the mirror. Obviously this shot was taken on a cellphone. Yet it’s sharp, clear, lit nicely- and well composed. Smartphone shooters should take a note from this girl. We get lots of cellphone shots, but most of them are not as nice as this one. Whatever she is doing, it is definitely working. She is another new girl who just showed up out of the blue, and won 75 bucks just for playing.  Nicely done Corba. 🙂

Corbaxxx admiring her form in the mirror



AmberNevada1 has absolutely killed it for two weeks in a row now. This week she wins first for this gorgeously colored shot below. Everything about this shot is right. What is not to love? Definitely one of our favorite shots of all time from Ms Nevada. She just keeps winning… Congrats, enjoy the prize money Amber. 🙂

AmberNevada1 sent us this perfect shot

Stay tuned for week #2- leave a comment below to let us know who you think should win!~

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