Tune in to mygirlfund’s week #49 results

Dec 1-6 is week #49 of the greatest and sexiest photo contest on the web, and this is its weekly winners announcement.  We are loud and proud every week about the same time, shipping this newsletter off and handing out green money to gorgeous contestants who all try to submit their best shot. To say that this contest is entertaining is a big understatement. Tune in on our tumblr, subscribe and check out our daily feed in your dashboard- you’ll be glad you did.  For those of you already in the know, grab your cocoa and put on your ugly sweaters, so you can properly enjoy this Christmas eve edition of our winners announcement.

Sciencesavvy Takes one of two honorable mention spots this week for her rad faux-hawk and lightning face paint. We love a girl who bucks the trends. Cosplay in December? We’ll take it! Nice shot SS.

Skullkid takes our second honorable mention for week 49. Here she is below rocking Napolean Dynamite frames, inked and branded from head to to-, and pierced in the most curious of places. She doesn’t miss a week, and her stream on tumblr is one of our best.

Jessplease takes a runner up prize, and wins some money for this crystal clear, and well composed shot of her ass up in her adorable room. We’re happy to see her win. (Again!) She is also our candid win of the week.


Bambiblu takes second runner up for this perfect shot of her against a dramatic prairie backdrop. The composition in this shot especially is pro- not to mention the depth of field, and compelling personality the photographer was able to convey.  Shots like this are no accident! Well done Bambi.


Lilmisstrouble takes first place for the two shots below. Especially the one of her being a human serving platter. Interesting to say the least. We hope she writes a blog about it on MGF so we can learn the story behind it.  Lil Miss Trouble always has something up her sleeve. Congrats on the first place prize money! 

Dirtyfaerie easily has the best shot of the week. This brand new girl has been rocking our world from her very first shot. You can easily see why she takes first place here, so we won’t wax poetic about this perfectly executed black and white submission. Beautiful! 

That’s it for week 49. Week 50 looks great already. Same bat time, same bat channel next week to see who won. ❤


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