The girls cranked out amazing shots in week #48

Welcome to the winners announcement for the hottest photo contest on the entire web. Nov. 24-30 was surprisingly busy considering that it was Thanksgiving week. Lots of new girls showed up despite the holiday, and our fans were as happy as ever to see their favorites as well. Some of these girls are powerhouses when it comes to cranking out amazing shots for this contest. As our follower count continues to swell at an alarming rate, the comments and reblogs we receive really heat up the competition.

Who is your favorite contestant on the MyGirlFund Tumblr? Let us know in the comments below.

Like we always do, we are going to start with the honorable mentions for week 48. This time there are two shots we had to include here even though they didn’t win any cash. Both are new girls who show promise, and are just all around hypnotizing to look at.  We would call this one of life`s guilty pleasures- except we don’t feel guilty at all. 😉

Cobraxxx is a brand new girl who took this pensive shot of her lovely form in the mirror. She is candid and beautiful- and we can’t wait to see what else she has for us.

Amitoro is our other honorable mention this week. She is another brand new contestant. She snapped this mirror selfie in a dressing room and sent it our way to appreciate. We like that you can’t see the frame of the mirror. Also, if she is trying on that skirt wondering if she should buy it- we say thumbs up. 

lilHolly struts her stuff in the kitchen for this shot below, and wins a runner up place for the trouble. Whatever is cooking in that pot behind her is worth the wait we’re sure. She is a consistently strong contender, and her stream on Tumblr is definitely worth checking out.  Congrats Holly, well done! 

KaraClimax showed up recently, and has been turning up the heat in the queue. Here she is below rocking a pair of jean shorts- and not much else. She is sexy and sultry, and wins some prize money for week 48’s second runner up position. Congrats Kara! 

AprilFace- Oh my. This girl below is brand new, and her shots are off-the-chain sexy. She is bold and beautifully inked + her submissions are all sharp, well composed and High Res. What more can we ask for? She wins a handy first place for these two photos below. We think you will agree they are some of the best of week 48. Congrats April! 

JessPlease scores the other first place crown for the two shots she sent us below. This new girl has some serious personality! So direct… so… pink! We love it. She has class and sex appeal that resonate with our audience on Tumblr, and her shots are all gorgeous. Easy first place win Jess, congratulations!


Stay tuned for the winners announcement for week 49. ❤


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