Candid girls galore in Week #47

Week 47 of the hottest photo contest on the web ran smoothly and the shots we received were as sexy as ever. We didn’t have a lot of technical submissions like we did last week, but we still had candid girls galore show up and place their sexy selves into the queue for consideration in this weeks winners announcement. Lots of new girls threw their hat into the ring as well.

Per usual, 4 succeeded in winning some cash, and one honorable mention made her way into this newsletter for you to look at. Wonder how you can talk to these girls? Just click their photo, and send them a free message introducing yourself. They come from all over the world- some are naughty, and some are nice. You will just have to find out who is who for yourself.  Either way we don’t think you will be disappointed.

lilredhead is our honorable mention for week 47. She sent us this shot below of her arched back on the bed showing off in a sexy fishnet one-piece. We sure love girls in bed. Nice shot Red!

Dirtyprincess01 scores runner up for this great shot of her letting a nip slip through her handbra in this naughty selfie on the floor. Good God this girl has boobs for days. She is a relatively new contestant, and already she is winning money! Click her shot below to send your congratulations.

Bowie, in the two shots pictured below takes our 2nd runner up position. We can’t decide if we like her better as a blonde, or with black hair- what do you think? She is our candid win of the week. She has been on somewhat of a hiatus lately for our contest, make sure you click her shot, and welcome her back!

lilHolly scores a first place crown this week for this demure shot of her posing on her bed. Color pallets are always dead on, and her shots undeniably sexy. Easy win Holly, congratulations!

BigTittieLizzie scores our other first place win for this great shot of her in bed below. We really like the old school film edit she applied to this. Kind of looks like she took a physical snapshot, and then scanned it. Nicely balanced, and overall a great shot. Good job Lizzie! Click her shot and let her know she scored first place in the hottest weekly photo contest on the web!

Until next week boys and girls! Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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