Mygirlfund’s Week #46: Attitude and Personality

The 16th of November marked the passing of week 46, and it was one of our closest contests ever.  We chose this time heavily based on attitude and personality, because there were so many technically great shots to choose from.

We have two honorable mentions this week who didn’t make any money for their shots, but who had great submissions nonetheless, and deserved to be included in the lineup for you to look at. There were more we could have included, but then this weekly post would have ran too long.

First honorable mention for week 46 is Indica420love, who caught this ephemeral moment in the woods, and shared it with us. We loved the entire vibe of the shot.

CatCandescent scores our second honorable mention for this outstandingly sharp shot of her beautiful gams- inked to perfection. You can even see the water droplets on her nails. Great job Cat, keep them coming.



WitchBitchxxx sent us her debut shot and we knew right away it was going to win some money. We love it when new girls win. Executed to perfection, we can’t tell if she wants to fight or if she wants to fuck. Maybe both? This brand new girl is large and in charge in for this shot, and it definitely deserves some money for the attitude. Congrats witchbitch, runner up!

WitchBitchxxx comes out swinging with her debut shot for our contest. Show her some reblog love!


Autty is flawless in the shot below. Every single detail is carefully attended to. Good composition, good lighting, and perfect posing to showcase her beautiful F holes tat. Well done Autty, runner up! 


Petitefuret takes home a first place crown, and is our candid win of the week. This shot below is lit from the side for dramatic effect, but other than that looks completely candid, and full of raw sexuality. A practiced eye can tell when a shot is posed or not. This one looks 100% au naturale. Depth of field, lighting and sharpness are all on point too. This kind of shot isn’t easy to get. Congrats on the win Furet! First place.

The absolutely lovely Lovesapphire  scores our final first place crown for this 4 shot submission showcasing a wide array of attitude and expression using just her eyes. Skills! This girl is a natural, and we are happy to award some money for it. This shot sat comfortably at the top of the pile this week. Congrats Sapphire, you deserve it.


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