Week #45 couldn’t have been any sexier

Nov 3-9 (Week 45) of the hottest photo contest on the web brought plenty of creative and sexy photography. The girls you find on our Tumblr are real-everyday people who go out of their way to take amazing photos. The results are spectacular, and the stream couldn’t be any sexier. Some girls go all out with elaborate sets, and other simply bring you into their lives with the shots they produce. From candid to carefully controlled artistic submissions, we have such a wide variety that you are sure to find a girl you can come together with on Mygirlfund. Just click the shots you like, and be transported to their social networking profile where you can flirt, chat and play.

So without any further preamble, we bring to you the winners and honorable mentions for week 45. Like what you see? Think your favorite girl should have won instead? Leave a comment and let us know!

Peachesbitches3 is our first honorable mention this week. The shot below is so expertly lit, and the exposure is so perfect, it’s almost pro. We wish she would have included the high resolution version of this shot though. She would have won some prize money. Also, widening the aperture would make the background in this shot blur a bit, which would have been ideal for this style of shot.  We see that she is working on the fundamentals though, and that’s an excellent sign that she has some amazing stuff for us in the future!


AngelWinters takes our second honorable mention for this adorable shot of her wearing her trademark days of the week panties. We love that she is rocking her own style, but wish the shot below was as sharp as some of her submissions in previous weeks have been. Either way, her stream over on tumblr is gorgeous, cheeky, and fun! You should definitely give it a look.


Amiriritasquirtz wins some runner-up money for this beautifully back-lit shot of her relaxing in bed. She looks so inviting doesn’t she? Natural light photography always produces the most intimate looking results. She may have a tricky name to pronounce, but her shots are clear as hell. Click her photo to shoot over to her profile and introduce yourself. You never know where it might lead.

amiriritasquirtz is another brand new girl here… show some love!


Jdynomite takes second runner up for this gorgeously executed shot below. Lit with a red light, her skin tone and tattoos contrast beautifully. This is an exciting take on single light source photography. Congrats J!


NMxo22 wins an easy A, and first place for week 45. This shot below is our candid win of the week, even though it is perfectly composed. The crop is perect, and the result is… well- you can see the result for yourself. We think you’ll agree that this was an easy first. 

NikkiDoll wins the other first place spot for this shot of her in bed. The depth of field? It’s there and then some. It feels like you are there with her doesn’t it?  Wide open aperture, great lighting, and a smoking set of eyes that just draw you into the shot combine to win Nikki some green money. Congrats Nikki, you earned it! 

Stay tuned for week 46 of the hottest photo contest on the web.  

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