Week #42 on the mygirlfund tumblr popped and sizzled

Happy Tuesday everybody! This is the weekly winners announcement for week #42 (Oct 13-19) in the hottest weekly photo contest on the web. Even though the weather is definitely getting chillier, our spot over on Tumblr sizzled and popped with loads of astounding submissions from the girls of MyGirlFund. For this post we sifted and sorted through all of those lovely photos, and chose four of those shots to award cash money for, + included two honorable mentions for you to take a look at.  Do you think we did a great job, and want to let us know? Think your favorite girl should have won? Leave a comment below!

First honorable mention this week is Rosexxx. We thought this shot of her in the vanity was adorable, so we included it in the lineup for you to appreciate- even if she didn’t win any money for it. She is stacking up a decent number of shots over in her feed on Tumblr. You should go check them out.


ZoeyVu scores our other honorable mention for this cute shot of her wearing the hell out of her Bart Simpson panties. Aye carumba, this girl has booty you would walk 500 hundred miles for.

Angelwinters lands in our first runner up position for this excellent black and white shot below. We think that she used and infrared filter in post-production to edit this, but can’t really be sure. It’s so sharp and clean though, and combined with the depth of field, composition, and direct eye contact it has all the ingredients we look for in a shot. Well done Angel. Click her shot to talk to her on her social networking profile, & tell her we said congratulations!

Screaminggirl showed up after being absent awhile and submitted this clever torso shot of her arched way back in bed. The simplicity of this shot belies the excellent composition. She has always been one of our most artistic contestants though. Runner up SG, congrats!


TTori showed up as a brand new girl in our contest for week 42, and pedaled straight to the front of the line. No one minded a bit! She gave up this cheeky shot of her perched perfectly on her bicycle seat and handily won first place. We can’t wait to see more from her.

Skullkid does it again for week 42. Last week she scored runner up, and this week she wears the first place crown. That’s upward mobility at it’s finest. We know you are probably experiencing some upward mobility of your own looking at these two shots. We see bazillions of torso shots, but it’s the one below that on the bottom of this post that really scores her the first place win.  It isn’t often that a girl will win prize money in back to back weeks, but it has been known to happen periodically. This is one of those weeks where we just couldn’t deny that she had one of the top shots. Congrats Skullkid. Enjoy the spending money :). 

That wraps it up for week 42. Leave a comment, and click on over to your favorite social network for adults to talk to one of these girls today.

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