New girls brightened week #41

It hasn’t been very long since you have seen us last, but here we are again; early this time- as promised- to pound out another weekly winners announcement. This post catches up the missing link in our march towards week 52.

Two contestants made honorable mention for week 41 instead of our usual one.

KatyAnne scores our first honorable mention this week for this great collage of her playing around in her room. She did a great job with the presentation, and we like this white frame against the black and white treatment she chose for these cam photos. We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

Littlenic hit up the second honorable mention spot this week for this classic portrait style candid of her teasing with her T-shirt.  the shot is a little softer than we would have liked to have seen, but it is so undeniably hot with it’s ambient lighting that we just had to put it out here for you to gaze at.  She is brand new to our contest, and is already a very strong contender. We know she has more great submissions up her sleeve.

Littleshrew (great name) wins runner up and scores the first of four cash prizes this week for this seriously sexy selfie of her reading in bed.  Between the bong, the books, and the bed on the bare wood floor- combined with the curious lack of other furniture- we will go ahead and call this shot our candid win of the week. Click on over and see for yourself if this shrew can be tamed. 

Skullkid does it again and scores some money for the two shots lined up below. She is probably our most colorful contestant, and her artistic shots are consistently flawless. She has a style that is all her own and you can check out her entire catalog of submissions here.  She proves again this week that you can make consistent money here by taking the time to make your photos as awesome as you can.


Bambiblu is brand spanking new, and shot to the top of the heap this week for this over and under diptych of her rocking a curious leather vest and form fitting bluejeans. The black and white treatment is done proficiently- and the backlighting on the window does not blow out the highlights on her skin. Technically flawless… and surely a sign that there is more to come from this vivacious girl. We can’t wait! Easy first place win for this effort.

Woodlandnympho  just showed up out of the blue and submitted this perfectly sharpened shot of her arched back on the floor. A classic Tumblr-esque shot that showcases her ink, as well as her unforgettable figure. She is poetry in motion- we’re happy to award her the first place crown for this submission. Congrats nympho! 

Peel your eyes for another new winners announcement soon!


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